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Best 2019 NFL Draft Prop Bets (Sports Betting)

by April 24, 2019

With the NFL Draft only a day away, there are tons of opportunities for prop bets on your favorite soon-to-be professional athletes. As usual, there are a lot of storylines and intrigue heading into this year’s draft, and that has led to many interesting prop bets to monitor. We’ve asked our experts for their favorite 2019 NFL Draft prop bets. Here’s what they had to say. And here’s a full list of prop bets available at PointsBet.

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What is your favorite 2019 NFL Draft prop bet?

Nick Bosa at No. 1 overall (+350)
“This bet keeps looking better and better, as Josh Rosen is still practicing with the Cardinals this week. If the Cardinals don’t trade him before the draft, they’ll lose all bargaining power with potential trade partners. They moved up to take Rosen last year and it’s really unfair to judge him on one bad season with a horrible offensive line, with a defensive-minded coach, and essentially one wide receiver. Imagine if the Rams had given up on Jared Goff after a bad season with Jeff Fisher. The Cardinals owe it to themselves to see what Rosen can do under offensive-minded coach Kliff Kingsbury. Getting +350 odds on Bosa seems worth it to me.”
– Mike Tagliere (@MikeTagliereNFL)

Second QB Taken (Drew Lock +325)
“I don’t believe these current odds reflect the most recent noise surrounding the QBs. Todd McShay would “hammer the over” of a hypothetical prop of Dwayne Haskins’ draft position at 6.5 (“First Draft” Podcast, April 22, 2019), whereas there’s also been a lot of noise about teams’ perception of his work ethic, in that he showed up and competed at the combine sort of out of shape (ran a terrible 5-second 40, body appeared “doughy” in the words of Phil Simms and Chris Simms said that’s a “red flag.”). I don’t have a feel for who it could be — but some more traditional GM will see a ‘poor man’s Andrew Luck in Drew Lock, due to his athletic ability and the significant playing experience. To many GM’s, Bill Parcells’ desired draftable QB traits still ring true — one of those being that the QB must’ve started 30+ games. No, I’m not saying that is who Lock will be, but we’re attempting to predict the behaviors of an extremely diverse group of professionals who are shaped by wildly different experiences. But one thing holds true — we know they will trade up to get a QB. This is my reading the tea-leaves that Lock is considered the better ceiling and floor prospect in the eyes of more GMs.”
– Jared Still (@jaredstill)

Marquise Brown As First WR Drafted (+250)
“When I first made this bet, Brown was listed at +700 so I like it a little bit less at +250 but still think it represents fair value. Brown was more productive in college than D.K Metcalf and was one of the few players to be invited to the green room at the Draft in Nashville. Despite his small stature and Lisfranc injuries, NFL teams seem to be enamored with the Oklahoma University speedster.”
– Davis Mattek (@DavisMattek)

Team to draft Kyler Murray (CIN +3000)
“It seems more and more likely that the Cardinals will trade 1.1, or most likely, use it to select Joey Bosa. If that happens, Murray will go to whichever team is most eager to move up and get him. Granted, Cincy doesn’t have as much ammunition as New York or Oakland, but neither of those teams appear to be set on nabbing a QB this year, even if Murray were to fall to them. While Cincy is by no means the favorite, their need for a QB and Zac Taylor making the team his own makes them a much better bet than 30:1 to move up for Kyler.”
– Bobby Sylvester (@bobbyfantasypro)

Number of WRs Drafted in First Round (Over 2.5 -110)
“This bet is a factor of piecing together the opinions of connected experts combined with the extremely wide range — and conviction around — who the top few WRs in the class are. Taking the under here is a bet that only DK Metcalf (the ultimate “traits” WR) and one of the Browns go in Round 1. But which Brown? I’ve heard both of them labeled as the best pure WR in this draft. Combine that with Hakeem Butler being the WR1 for other scouts, while there’s also enough ‘noise’ around N’Keal Harry and even Paris Campbell sneaking into the First Round, that I believe this bet blows past the 2.5 by the end of the first night.”
– Jared Still (@jaredstill)

Number of QBs Drafted in First Round (Under 3.5 +175)
“The play that looks like the most surefire is the number of tight ends drafted under 2.5, but at -501 odds we should be looking elsewhere for action. The best value play is quarterbacks under 3.5 at +175 odds. Drew Lock is seemingly falling out of the first round conversation, and now it is no longer certain that Kyler Murray goes first overall. Daniel Jones to the Giants has been picking up steam, but there are scenarios where they can wait and potentially land him at the top of the second round. In my most recent mock for FantasyPros, I had only two quarterbacks selected in the first round. This is a single unit value play, as the NFL Draft is unpredictable as ever with only two QBs having true first-round grades. As many as five QBs could hear their name called on day one, or the number could be two. As of today, the plus money on the under looks like the play.”
– Raju Byfield (@FantasyContext)

Number of QB’s Drafted in First Round (Over 3.5 -250)
“I have to disagree with my colleague, Mr. Byfield, on this particular prop. I think it’s nearly a foregone conclusion that Daniel Jones is going in the First Round. Just listen to the exchange between Todd McShay and Mel Kiper on “First Draft” from 22 April. Combine that with Mike Lombardi stating on “The GM Shuffle” that “most teams in the league have Daniel Jones as the second QB on their board.” This is in the same vein as the ‘old guard’ GMs feeling better about Lock than Haskins. What’s another thing that makes the ‘old guard’ feel really comfortable in the tight-knit, insular community of high-level football? Who a guy was coached by. If Daniel Jones’ HC/OC QB Coach was named Jared Still and not David Cutcliffe, I think he’s a Third or Fourth Round pick. Seriously. Who tutored the Mannings? Cutcliffe. Where did Peyton go throw for his first top-secret throwing sessions after surgery? Duke. Under the tutelage of David Cutcliffe. The ‘old guard’ feels a ton of comfort in the endorsement of a David Cutcliffe prospect. Four QBs in Round One. Book it.”
– Jared Still (@jaredstill)

Quinnen Williams at No. 1 overall (+1000)
“For all the same reasons as Mike Tagliere, I believe that the Cardinals keep Josh Rosen and the first-overall draft pick. They spent too much capital on Rosen. With awful play calling and a terrible offensive line last season, he didn’t really have a good chance to show off his skills. So, since I believe they will not take quarterback Kyler Murray with their first pick, it’s going to be either Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams. On the one hand, Nick Bosa has an energy to him, obvious talent, and a family name that has, so far, measured up. On the other hand, Quinnen Williams is an absolute beast of a human being. The Cardinals will choose Williams because the scouts will see what I see, and they’ll choose “right,” but either way, they won’t go wrong. Both defensive players should be assets to their teams for years to come. I am a little worried that the Cardinals trade back, but as of now, it seems like a low chance of happening. Bet Quinnen Williams +1000.”
– Tal Malachovsky (@fantasyscouter)

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