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Early Best Bets for 2022 NFL Divisional Winners

by February 23, 2022
Josh Allen

Once the Super Bowl ends in February, it’s time to speculate about the following season. It was an exciting year in the NFL with so many new players getting a shot due to COVID protocol. You’d like to think that next year’s season won’t be nearly as chaotic. Those protocols likely helped some teams win their division and hurt others from having a chance.

So basically, this upcoming year should be way better in that sense. Here are my top division winner picks for 2022.

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AFC East: Buffalo Bills -225 via DraftKings Sportsbook

This isn’t an exciting pick or even a valuable selection. But I’ve got the Bills potentially winning the Super Bowl. Josh Allen is becoming a star, and the Bills were seconds away from making the Super Bowl last season.

Of course, the New England Patriots could develop Mac Jones and have some success. The Dolphins could end up having a great year under Mike McDaniel, and the Jets showed promise towards the end of last season with Zach Wilson under center.

But ultimately, this is the Bills’ division to lose, and I’d expect them to run the tables this season.

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys -165 via DraftKings Sportsbook

The NFC East is always the garbage of the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys ran the tables last season, and despite the Eagles making the playoffs, it would be hard to rely on Philadelphia this season. The Eagles are sticking with Jalen Hurts, and while he’s not a terrible option, he’s not Dak Prescott.

The Eagles will have to help Hurts adapt as a better passer. Meanwhile, the Washington Commanders looked terrible defensively, and the New York Giants are going to take a while to rebuild this team. Dallas is the only reliable option at this point, at -165.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints +300 via DraftKings Sportsbook

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be starting Blaine Gabbert in 2022, and yet Tampa Bay is the favorite to win the division. Yeah, right. New Orleans has the most talent in this division, and it’ll show. There’s a new face as head coach in Dennis Allen, and that should help New Orleans get back on track to their winning ways.

There’s no way I’m even thinking about Carolina or Atlanta either.

NFC West: Los Angeles Rams +150 via DraftKings Sportsbook

The NFC West is always the hardest division to pick. All four teams are a couple of pieces away from being the best team in the division. Right now, we know that there could be up to three quarterback changes in this division.

Kyler Murray is unhappy in Arizona, Russell Wilson is unhappy in Seattle, and Trey Lance is set to take over for the 49ers.

So, therefore, I’ll stick with the Rams, who just won the Super Bowl. The Rams are going to be stacked again this season and will be motivated for another title and division win.

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AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals +150 via DraftKings Sportsbook

This division could be decided in the final week of the season. Any one of these teams can surprise throughout the year. Of course, the Cincinnati Bengals will only be getting better moving forward. The Bengals have cap room and should be able to revamp an offensive line that basically and technically lost them a Super Bowl. The Bengals got to protect Joe Burrow at all costs.

But with a full season and more luck on the injury front, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens could be elite. Meanwhile, the Browns have so much talent and, if used correctly, could win a ton of close, low-scoring games. Meanwhile, we don’t know who the Steelers will employ at quarterback, but we do know that this team always makes the postseason. So I like the Bengals, but this is a tough division.

AFC South: Tennessee Titans -130 via DraftKings

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans will both be at the bottom of next year’s standings. That leaves us with the Titans and Colts in this division.

The Titans and Colts had to deal with multiple injuries last season that kind of hurt their seasons a bit. Still, the Titans can be explosive on offense and have a defense that does whatever is needed in big moments. I can’t say the same about the Colts, who are still letting Carson Wentz be the quarterback over there.

AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs -175 via DraftKings

I’d love to select the Los Angeles Chargers here, but I’ll use my brain and not my heart. The Kansas City Chiefs looked dead in the water last season and somehow found a way to win the AFC West division. The Chiefs can get red hot quickly on offense, and the defense stepped up in the second half when nobody expected it to.

The Chargers might get a win over the Chiefs next season, but overall, I still like the Chiefs to win the division. If the Broncos end up with Aaron Rodgers, things can get a bit crazy, and if the Raiders make some interesting moves this offseason, this division could get wacky. Still, give me the Chiefs.

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