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How to Bet UFC Parlays at a Sportsbook

by July 2, 2022
Conor McGregor

With the insane growth of the UFC, the sportsbooks decided they needed a way to capitalize on the buzz around this sport. With personalities like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jon Jones, and even their very passionate leader Dana White, this sport has forced its way into living rooms and sports bars everywhere. Now think, where there are viewers, there is an opportunity, and where there are crowds, money is to be made.

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How to Bet UFC Parlays

Soccer + American Football

The UFC is a betting market combination of soccer and American football. The soccer connection is made through the need to intensely research the opposition just as much as the team you are placing the wager on. You need to compare and contrast how they compete against opponents who compete a certain way and combine that with their current form to see if the value is correct, which it usually is. The football aspect is how infrequently each fighter participates in events; albeit the fighters spend months getting into shape for their event, football is still the closest in terms of one game a week.

It also reminds me of betting on football because the biggest underdogs fight each game, compared to other sports where the best players are rested at times. Also, some underdogs look less talented than their opponent, almost like they don’t belong in the same league. However, these athletes in both sports appreciate that they are out there and have worked very hard to get there.

Keep it Simple

Contrary to my first UFC piece, parlays for mixed martial arts are generally far from exotic; if they are, they are unlikely to hit. This is mainly because the winners get big lines relatively quickly. So the market is usually in sync with the perceived value of the fighter on that particular day against their opponent.

But how do you determine which plays to parlay? Do you make all money line bets? Over/Unders? The answer would be a lot more complicated in other sports, but with the way MMA is, you can keep it simple, play these true outcome wagers and come away with a nice return.

Opportunity to Hedge

The beauty of doing parlays for UFC is that there is time between each fight to cash out or hedge if you feel the reporting on the opponent is strong and/or you find out about any late injuries or factors that may impact motivation. Hedging is also suitable for minimizing potential losses and guaranteeing a gain instead of risking any net loss. Using sportsbooks with this feature is a must when betting on the UFC, and even if that isn’t how you approach things when making a parlay, the UFC is a different animal.

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