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How to Bet UFC Total Rounds at a Sportsbook

by June 24, 2022
Damir Ismagulov UFC

The UFC has drawn the attention of sports bettors in increased droves as of late, as the company now hosts events nearly every weekend of the calendar year. With more awareness, in general, comes more sports bettors flocking to sportsbooks to get in on the action.

One such UFC betting market, UFC total rounds, offers bettors a chance to not bet on a particular fighter but on the fight’s result. Let’s take a closer look at just what a UFC total rounds bet is and strategies for cashing in on the action.

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What is a UFC Total Rounds Bet?

Like in sports such as soccer, football, baseball, and basketball, a UFC total rounds bet is the same as an over/under. Often set at .5 increments (1.5, 2.5, etc.), a bettor in a UFC total rounds bet is betting the fight ends either under or over the set total.

For example, if you bet the under on 2.5 total rounds on the upcoming Alex Volkanovsi vs. Max Holloway fight, and Volkanovski secures a first-round submission, you win your bet. As another example, if the fight goes to a decision, you would lose your bet.

It is worth noting that unless the fight is the main event or a championship bout with a belt on the line (five rounds), the fight will be a total of three maximum rounds, which is critical as the total rounds market will be set accordingly.

Strategy for Making UFC Total Rounds Bets

When it comes to strategies for making UFC total rounds bets, there are a few that I deploy when starting to handicap a fight. The most obvious one is the fighter’s fight history, as they tend to fall into two categories, those who finish fights and those who rely on the judges. The caliber of the opponents in those fights is also critical, as finishing a top-five fighter inside the distance has more weight than finishing a newcomer to the UFC ranks.

I also like to look at key fight metrics such as significant strikes landed per 15 minutes, significant strikes accuracy, average takedowns per 15 minutes, takedown accuracy, and submission average per 15 minutes. Fighters with a high percentage of striking accuracy are more likely to put an opponent’s lights out when they step into the octagon. A fighter with a high number of submissions per 15 minutes, especially if has a long track record in the UFC, is worth looking at compared to that of their opponent.

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