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How to Make a Result/Total Bet at a Sportsbook

by April 13, 2020

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The more experience one has with sports betting, the more creative they tend to get with their bets. Typically, the most novice bettors stick to their comfort zone with straight spread, moneyline or totals wagers. However, with a little digging at various sportsbooks one can find a slew of bets that are both creative and potentially provide big payouts.

One such wager is a combination of a result and total bet that is available for most sports. In this article, we take a look at what a result/total bet is and how one can make such a bet at a sportsbook.

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What is a Result/Total Bet?

A result/total bet is a bet that combines the result of a game (Team A or Team B to win) along with the total (over/under) for the game. It is similar to a parlay bet in the sense that it takes both parts of the bet to be correct to win. However, it differs from a parlay bet since parlays can, in theory, involve a large number of bets while a result/total bet will only have two parts. In addition, parlay bets require a bettor to choose each part of their bet separately while a result/total bet will already be part of one bet from the start.

What are Examples of a Result/Total Bet?

Here is a hypothetical example of a result/total bet from the NFL:

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens

  • Chiefs to win and combined score over 52.5 points
  • Chiefs to win and combined score under 52.5 points
  • Ravens to win and combined score over 52.5 points
  • Ravens to win and combined score under 52.5 points

In this example, a bettor would see they have four options to choose from. Thus, instead of parlaying the moneyline and over/under this result/total bet already combines these two options. A typical payout for these kinds of bets varies based on how big of a favorite each team is to win. However, since one is combining two parts of a wager with these bets, it is common for every option to pay out plus odds. This means a bettor’s net profit would be larger than their initial wager.

How can a Result/Total Bet Differ in Soccer?

Sportsbooks usually offer a variation of a result/total bet for soccer matches. These bets are labeled “Match Result/Both Teams to Score” and are different with regards to the total. Instead of betting on an over/under for the total, one would be wagering on if each team would score a goal. Here is an example from a recent Belarus soccer match from DraftKings Sportsbook.

FC Belshina Bobruisk to win and both teams to score
Yes: +800, No: -2000

Neman Grodno to win and both teams to score
Yes: +450, No: -835

Tie and both teams to score
Yes: +380, No: -670

Another thing to take note of from this example is the nature of the tie in soccer. Since a match can end in a draw, bettors have a third scenario to contemplate before making a wager.

How Can I Make a Result/Total Bet?

On a mobile device or app, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your sportsbook account
  2. Find the league and game you wish to bet on
  3. Look for a heading that says “Game Props” or “More Wagers”
  4. Look for a heading that says “Result/Game Total” or some variation of that
  5. Click on which result and corresponding total you think is correct
  6. Type in the amount of your wager
  7. Review the odds, and click “place bet”

Placing a result/total bet in person at a sportsbook can be much less confusing. After approaching the cashier, say “I would like to place a combined result/total wager.” Once you tell the cashier the game you are looking to bet on, they will know exactly the prompts to follow to take you to those odds. He or she will show you the available options on their screen. Tell the cashier the result and total you would prefer. Just like on a mobile device, review the odds to make sure they are agreeable. The last step is handing the amount you want to wager in cash over to the cashier and hope for the best.

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