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MLB Futures: Best & Worst Values to Win 2019 World Series

by March 14, 2019

We’ve asked our experts to provide their best and worst value bets to win the AL and NL Pennants. Next, with the new season only a week away, we’re taking a look at the best and worst value bets to win it all in 2019. That’s right, our experts are here to provide their best and worst bets to win the 2019 World Series.

Let’s first take a look at the odds:

Team Odds
New York Yankees 6/1
Boston Red Sox 7/1
Houston Astros 7/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 15/2
Philadelphia Phillies 9/1
Chicago Cubs 10/1
Cleveland Indians 12/1
St. Louis Cardinals 12/1
Atlanta Braves 16/1
Washington Nationals 16/1
Milwaukee Brewers 18/1
New York Mets 20/1
Oakland Athletics 30/1
Tampa Bay Rays 30/1
Colorado Rockies 40/1
Minnesota Twins 50/1
San Diego Padres 55/1
Chicago White Sox 60/1
Los Angeles Angels 60/1
Cincinnati Reds 70/1
San Francisco Giants 70/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 100/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 200/1
Seattle Mariners 250/1
Texas Rangers 300/1
Toronto Blue Jays 350/1
Kansas City Royals 500/1
Baltimore Orioles 1000/1
Detroit Tigers 1000/1
Miami Marlins 1000/1

Which team is the best value bet to win the 2019 World Series?

Minnesota Twins (50/1)
“While they aren’t expected to make the playoffs, Cleveland didn’t do much of anything in the offseason while Minnesota made some serious headway. Adding Nelson Cruz is big while Blake Parker and the return of Michael Pineda should help. Jorge Polanco will be on board for a full season plus Byron Buxton and/or Miguel Sano could break out. Add in two tremendous relievers in Trevor May and Taylor Rogers and this Minnesota team could sneak into the playoffs where anything could happen. Don’t forget that they’ve got prospects to move if they are competing, plus they are rumored to be interested in Craig Kimbrel.”
– Bobby Sylvester (@bobbyfantasypro)

New York Yankees (6/1)
“The New York Yankees at 6/1 are my pick to win the World Series. I expect them to be buyers at the deadline further increasing their wealth of talent, and solidifying themselves as the runaway favorite. The Yankees possess the best combination of lineup, rotation, and bullpen in the entire majors. I expect the Yankees to win the AL pennant, before punching a date for the fall classic. A team loaded with firepower, and built for the playoffs, the Yankees are understandably the betting favorites and represent the best value.”
– Raju Byfield (@FantasyContext)

Houston Astros (9/1)
“At 1/7 to win the AL West, the Astros are the heaviest favorite of any team to take home their division crown in 2019. By season-win totals, Houston has the largest projected gap (13 wins) over a second-place division finisher. If you are going to invest your money in a potential World Series contender this early in the season, you want to select the team most likely to make the playoffs in the first place.”
– Sean Zerillo (@SeanZerillo)

St. Louis Cardinals (14/1)
“St. Louis offers the best value out there in my opinion because of the upgrades they made this offseason to what was an already-talented roster. Andrew Miller, one of the most lethal relief pitchers in the game, and Paul Goldschmidt, one of the best all-around hitters of the past five seasons, are both major signings. Both of these additions give the Cardinals a boost to their pitching staff and lineup, which were already hovering around ‘above-average’ before these two signed on. They have failed to make the playoffs for the past three seasons despite playing above .500 baseball, but I think this is the year they crack into the playoffs once again due to the development of their young talent as well as the contributions of their offseason signings.”
– Shane Davies (@sbdavies7)

Which team is the worst value bet to win the 2019 World Series?

Philadelphia Phillies (9/1)
“I can understand being optimistic about the Phillies now that they have Harper and Realmuto, but putting them in as the fifth-best team in the majors is absurd to me. They are probably 50/50 to even make the playoffs with Washington, Atlanta, and the Mets all in their division. Not only that, but they’ve got the Cubs, Brewers, and Cardinals to compete with in the Wild Card.”
– Bobby Sylvester (@bobbyfantasypro)

“How do you know you are looking at a terrible value? When you chuckle to yourself upon seeing the line, and in this case, it’s amusing movement. Someone in Vegas believes that Bryce Harper joining the Philadelphia Phillies makes them a legitimate World Series contender. It does not. Not even the second-best team in their own division with Harper, the Phillies are a longshot to even make the playoffs through the Wild Card. I understand that Vegas is trying to insulate themselves from possible exposure here, but this movement is tantamount to taking the line off of the board. No one outside of the state of Pennsylvania would possibly think that 9-1 on a team that is possibly only the third or fourth best in their own division represents favorable odds. Avoid this future at all costs.”
– Raju Byfield (@FantasyContext)

San Diego Padres (50/1)
“San Diego took a lot of public money and saw their odds drop down from 100/1 after the Manny Machado signing. Their odds have now been OVER-adjusted in anticipation of future moves, and there is virtually no value in this team at their current odds. The Padres, whose win total is set at 78.5, are now priced around teams projected to finish with winning records.”
– Sean Zerillo (@SeanZerillo)

Cleveland Indians (10/1)
“The backbone of Cleveland’s playoff success in recent years has come from their talented bullpen, but gone are the days of Andrew Miller and Cody Allen closing out games for the Tribe. I also have serious concerns about Corey Kluber’s ability to perform at a consistently high level once again given his hefty workload in recent years. Both Kluber and Trevor Bauer will be relied upon more heavily, and I am not sure if that’s a safe bet. There are also a lot of new faces in the lineup. Too many question marks for me to feel comfortable backing Cleveland this season.”
– Shane Davies (@sbdavies7)