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Top 5 MLB Prop Bets Odds, Picks & Predictions: Friday (9/30)

by September 30, 2022
Top 5 MLB Prop Bets Odds, Picks & Predictions: Friday (9/30)

Welcome to the final Friday edition of the prop bets article. With the season coming to an end we have to take advantage of all opportunities to attack prop bets we can get. Here are five of my favorite bets for today’s games.

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Carlos Correa 01.5 TB +110

Correa made waves with some comments about returning to the Twins but there are still a few games left to play. He faces lefty Tyler Alexander today and overall has a wRC+ of 170 against left-handers this season. He should be able to reach base a few times in this one.

Josh Jung o0.5 HR +550

I have previously listed this bet as Jung has hit left-handers hard in his small sample thus far with a wRC+ of 198. Ried Detemers does not have a major home run problem but Jung has legit big-time power and the odds on this one are too enticing for me to pass up.

Aaron Civale u4.5 K +120

As I run through the lines to write this article sometimes ones jump off the page. This Civale one was one for me as I didn’t expect to see this as so much of an underdog. Civale is not known as an elite strikeout producer and the Royals’ offense has the 6th lowest K-rate in the last 30 days. A pitcher who can struggle to get strikeouts versus a tough-to-K lineup is a good combo.

Brady Singer 018.5 Outs +125

Betting on pitchers to go deep into games is a bit of a futile effort these days but Singer has a good setup. He faces a Cleveland lineup that is passive and plays into his strengths allowing him to get into favorable counts. His last four starts have included two six-inning outings and two seven-inning ones. I think this one sets up well for Singer.

Aaron Judge o1.5 Hits +165

This is a bit of a gut play. Baltimore is likely unable to make up the distance and get into the playoffs so they may not be as careful with Judge as other teams have been. Judge is still chasing the batting title and Triple Crown with home run number 61 out of the way, I think he will have a great day at the plate as the home crowd celebrates him.

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