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MLB Power Rankings: All-Star Break Edition

by July 8, 2019

With the All-Star break upon us, there is no better time to revisit our power rankings. The MLB season has many chapters, but by the break we can start to see the directions of most of the teams in the league. Some are head and shoulders above the rest, while others promise to remain in the wild-card mix. As always, rest-of-season projections are just as important as current record or form. Special attention has been paid to runs scored per game and runs against. Finally, but certainly not least, a team’s record against teams .500 or better is a correlative factor in determining our MLB power rankings.

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Team Previous Record Last 10
1. New York Yankees 1 57-31 7-3 The Yankees continue to dominate despite missing some of their stars. New York leads the league in runs scored per game. The Yankees are also top 10 in team ERA.
2. Los Angeles Dodgers 2 60-32 5-5 The Dodgers have the best record in baseball. They continue to be vulnerable on the road and just lost three straight to the Padres. They remain the heavy favorites to represent the National League in the World Series.
3. Houston Astros 3 57-33 7-3 Houston, along with the Yankees, is one of only two teams in the majors scoring more than five runs per game and allowing less than four runs. They are one of only two teams with over 30 wins against teams with a .500 record or better.
4. Tampa Bay Rays 4 52-39 6-4 The Rays continue to assert themselves as a legitimate playoff team. They rank second in terms of team ERA. Their major wart is their losing record against .500 teams.
5. Boston Red Sox 6 49-41 6-4 Boston has turned their season around, but they continue to struggle at home. Boston’s 29 road wins lead the league.
6. Minnesota Twins 5 56-33 4-6 The Twins are one of only seven teams with over 50 wins at the All-Star break. Minnesota has not been very impressive against .500 teams. They hold a decidedly average 19-18 record against winning teams.
7. Atlanta Braves 9 54-37 6-4 Atlanta is one of only three teams in the National League with a winning record against .500 teams. They rank in the top-12 in runs scored per game and team ERA.
8. Chicago Cubs 7 47-33 4-6 The Cubs and Brewers are neck-and-neck in both the NL Central and our power rankings. The Cubs have the superior runs scored per game and thus get the nod here. They also hold a better winning percentage against .500 teams.
9. Milwaukee Brewers 8 47-44 4-6 Milwaukee continues to give up runs at an alarming rate. They are only 0.5 games back of the lead in the NL Central and as such find themselves in the top 10 of our power rankings.
10. Cleveland Indians 10 50-38 7-3 Cleveland has slowly but surely turned their season around. They struggled to score runs in the early going but have now crossed the 4.5 runs per game barrier. Expect them to make a strong push to take the AL Central from a Twins team with question marks.
11. Washington Nationals 13 47-42 8-2 The Nationals have finally righted the ship. They now sit five games above .500. Their bullpen is still a mess, but they have found a way to consistently win games. Washington has won 10 of their last 12.
12. Oakland Athletics 20 50-41 7-3 The Athletics have powered their way to becoming one of only seven teams to hit the 50-win mark. Oakland has won 14 of their last 19.
13. San Diego Padres 15 45-45 5-5 The Padres continue their seesaw season. They are fresh off an impressive three straight wins against the Dodgers. One of the more exciting teams in baseball, they still seem to be a season away from being contenders.
14. Texas Rangers 11 48-42 4-6 Texas continues to score runs at an elite pace. They are six games above .500 but have lost six of their last eight.
15. Philadelphia Phillies 12 47-43 5-5 Philadelphia has been dominant at home but sit at third in the NL East due to a poor record on the road. The Phillies should remain in the wild card mix for the rest of the season.
16. Arizona Diamondbacks 14 46-45 6-4 Arizona has won eight of their last 13. They have turned the complexion of their season around in the process.
17. St. Louis Cardinals 16 44-44 4-6 The Cardinals have fallen on hard times. Despite an easier patch of their schedule, they have lost eight of their last 12.
18. Colorado Rockies 19 44-45 3-7 The Rockies have impressed this season and are one of only three teams with 30 wins against teams .500 or better. They continue to struggle to limit runs at Coors Field but are top-five in terms of road team ERA.
19. Los Angeles Angels 21 45-46 4-6 The Angeles continue their up and down season. They won four straight games and then proceeded to lose six of their last nine. Streaks like those are thematic of their season as a whole.
20. Pittsburgh Pirates 22 44-45 6-4 The Pirates have had an interesting season. They are one of only four teams with 29 or more wins against .500 teams. Despite sitting fourth in the NL Central, they are only 2.5 games back of first place.
21. Chicago White Sox 23 42-44 6 The White Sox continue to give up too many runs. Their young talent has started to turn it on and have brought them back to respectability. They are still a season away from being a serious playoff contender.
22. Cincinnati Reds 17 41-46 5-5 The Reds have regressed to the mean. Their pitching kept them interesting early in the season, but they simply do not have enough talent to score runs on a consistent basis. They still have a positive run differential thanks to being one of only five teams with less than four runs allowed per game.
23. San Francisco Giants 25 41-48 7-3 The Giants have an impressive 15 wins against .500 teams. Winners of six of their last seven, the Giants seem to have proven they are superior to the teams ranked behind them in our rankings.
24. New York Mets 18 40-50 3-7 The Mets have been an absolute disaster this season. They somehow sit 10 games under .500. They continue to give up more runs than they score.
25. Seattle Mariners 24 39-55 2-8 Seattle remains one of the worst teams in baseball. They score a top-tier 5.10 runs per game but are one of only three teams giving up more than five per contest.
26. Toronto Blue Jays 28 34-57 5-5 The Blue Jays seem to be better than the teams ranked behind them. At this point in our rankings who is worse is just as telltale as who is better. A fire sale over the next month could cause a major drop for the Jays.
27. Kansas City Royals 26 30-61 2-8 The Royals have struggled all season. They are 31 games under .500 and look set to remain one of the worst teams in baseball for the duration of the season.
28. Miami Marlins 29 33-55 3-7 The Miami Marlins farm system has provided some talent. They still rank among the league’s worst, but there have been some interesting developments in Miami.
29. Detroit Tigers 27 28-57 2-8 The Tigers are one of only two teams scoring less than four runs per game. This is a team that simply lacks enough talent to compete. The Tigers have lost 18 of their last 21.
30. Baltimore Orioles 30 27-62 5-5 Baltimore has been horrendous this season. They have the worst team ERA in baseball.  The Orioles will continue to be a mess this season and seem to have the worst team in baseball moniker locked up.

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