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NCAAB: Using Non-KenPom Websites for March Madness Success

by March 29, 2020

With March Madness canceled for 2020, you might be looking for another distraction, and thinking about next year’s tournament is a good one. College basketball experts and amateurs alike will flock to KenPom for all their statistical needs next season, but while KenPom is a wonderful website, it is not the end-all, be-all of college basketball statistics.

When discussing which sites are the best to determine your upsets and eventual March Madness winner, the different websites are more so desserts of a different flavor than anything else. Different individuals may have their preferences, but there is some valuable information to be discovered in all of them.

Below we provide our top three (free) statistical websites you can use for all your March Madness decisions.

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1. Haslametrics

Erik Haslam, the founder of Haslametrics, sought out to discover a new approach to college basketball. Haslametrics is a website built on blind resumes, so it does not include pre-season ranking. This explains why it was ahead of the curve on predicting North Carolina’s difficult season. Haslametrics adds numbers to usual eye test judgments such as momentum, away/home court ranking and consistency factor. It also digs deeper into usual statistics such as “two-point shooting percentage.” Instead of general 2pt%, it provides near-proximity and mid-range percentages.

Another great feature of Erik’s website is how it generates an in-depth preview for every Division I game. Even if you just want to have something to talk about at the water cooler, this is a perfect site.

Furthermore, one can generate a game preview for any potential game that may happen at Haslametrics. If you predict Kansas will face off against Duke in the national championship game, you can pull up a preview of it. If you want to exclusively base your bracket on which team is playing better of late (momentum), that is also an option. Haslametrics provides many other organized statistics to work with.

2. TeamRankings

TeamRankings is truly an incredible website, especially for gambling needs. You can search historical trends like how a particular team fared in the NCAA Tournament in years past. TR provides rankings, statistics, predictions, lines and injury reports. Thus, it allows one to build intelligent predictions with all available information.

TeamRankings is a well-organized website that allows you to easily jump between picks, rankings, and everything else offered. If you are exclusively looking for a better website for your gambling needs, this website is for you. TR dives deep into betting picks, most likely upsets, prediction accuracy, moneyline, and over/under picks. 

3. Massey Composite Rankings

For all you indecisive folks out there (me included), this is the site for you. Massey lives up to the “composite” in its name, providing rankings for every qualified statistical website. In addition, it provides accuracy ratings for different college basketball analytical web pages. If you want to compare site-to-site rankings, this website is perfect for you.

Honorable Mentions:

Sagarin: Sagarin is a well-known name in the college basketball world, but it’s still worth a mention. It’s a bit more math-focused, however, so it may take some getting used to. But once you understand the lingo and mathematical concepts, it’s extremely useful. 

Bart Torvik: The best part of Bart Torvik is how you can organize team rankings based on different time periods. If you want to see the best teams over a specific period of time, you can search that. One can search for prior time periods and compare those to a team’s current rankings.

Sports Ranks/Talisman: For all you “I just want to be right” people out there, this site has been the most accurate so far this season. Sports Ranks/Talisman may help you win an extra bet or two come tourney time, and push you over the top from a losing week to a winning one.

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