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NFL Futures: Favorite Bets for Division to Win the Super Bowl (2019)

by August 7, 2019

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We’ll continue our collaborative coverage of NFL Futures this week with a look at our top bets for the division to win the Super Bowl.

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First, let’s check out the odds courtesy of PointsBet:

Division Odds
NFC South +450
NFC West +500
AFC West +550
AFC East +550
AFC North +600
AFC South +600
NFC North +600
NFC East +750

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What is your favorite bet for the division to win the Super Bowl?

AFC West: +550
The AFC West had two of the last four teams remaining in last year’s AFC playoffs in the Chiefs and Chargers. If Chiefs OLB Dee Ford doesn’t line up offsides, we could be talking about the Chiefs as the defending Super Bowl champs. I absolutely love what the Chiefs did to address their defense in the offseason, adding Frank Clark, Tyrann Mathieu, and Bashuad Breeland. Both the Chiefs and Chargers have absolutely loaded rosters and are balanced on both sides of the ball. They are the most likely division to get at least two teams in the playoffs. While the deeper NFC cannibalizes itself, look for the Chiefs or Chargers to take down whoever is left standing in the Super Bowl.
– Mike Spector (@MikeSpector01)

As much as I would love to against the grain here, the AFC West is just too loaded with returning production and proven success in the AFC to look away from. Looking back at 2018, two of the top six teams in Net Point Differential in the entire league reside in the AFC West, with the Chiefs leading the way at +144. The Broncos bring in one of the best defensive minds in the game to take the helms at head coach in Vic Fangio, and I expect them to be much improved as well.
– TJ Perun (@JohnnyCovers)

The AFC West is the only division that hosts two true Super Bowl contenders in the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers. While the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints are two of the biggest favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy, they’re the only teams in their respective divisions with such aspirations. If the Chiefs can field a mid-level defense, their ceiling is as high as any team in the league. I’m confident the Chargers will be just fine with or without Melvin Gordon. In fact, I think the timing is right to buy low on the Chargers, who are currently listed at 14/1 to win the Super Bowl. Keep this in mind, Los Angeles went 4-0 without Gordon last season. The defense is nasty with playmakers on all three levels. The passing game should be dynamic, assuming Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry stay healthy. Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson are fine options should Gordon — who I never thought was an elite player — pull a Le’Veon Bell and hold out all season. The AFC West has two of the five best teams in the league when everyone’s healthy.
– Matt Barbato (@RealMattBarbato)

I was originally going to go with the NFC East because of the Eagles and Cowboys, and the fact that neither team would have to take down the Patriots until the Super Bowl, but I changed my mind and am now going with the AFC West. The Chiefs and Chargers are two legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and while I normally don’t like to bet against the Patriots in the AFC, I’m essentially getting two shots to beat them, with two teams that are arguably better than the Pats. Plus, and this is the most important factor, the AFC is not nearly as deep as the NFC. While I could see all except maybe four teams in the NFC somehow sneaking into the playoffs, in the AFC I think that only about half the teams in the conference have a chance to make it to postseason play. Two of those teams are in the West and both of those teams are locks to make the playoffs.
– Philip Wood (@Phil_Wood_Jr)

NFC East: +750
There are only six NFC playoff spots and the NFC East is guaranteed one of them. Then, one of the Eagles or Cowboys also gets four games against Washington and the Giants which should be four of the easiest games any team gets to play. Once you have reached the playoffs, anything can happen in a one-game sample of football. The math just does not add up to make the NFC East so deep in odds compared to the other NFC teams.
– Davis Mattek (@DavisMattek)

In my opinion, both the Eagles and Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders if their teams can remain healthy. The Eagles are perhaps the deepest team in the entire NFL, and if Carson Wentz bounces back as expected, the sky is the limit. While the situation in Dallas is a little more foggy with the Ezekiel Elliot hold-out situation, this Cowboys team is built to win, and built to win now. Expect Dak Prescott to take another step forward in front of an elite offensive line and to build on the rapport with star receiver Amari Cooper. Both the Eagles and Cowboys will face the lowly Giants and Redskins at least a couple times.
– Nic Turner (@sportzbandit)

Before I looked at the odds, I tried to think about which divisions have the best chance of producing a Super Bowl winner. My top-three came down to the NFC South, AFC West…and the NFC East. That made this selection easy. The Cowboys and Eagles each get to go 4-0 against Washington and the Giants, and one of them is going to compete for the wild-card. There’s no way the division that hosts the Eagles should have the worst odds of producing a Super Bowl winner. They’re elite in every aspect of their offense…and I honestly don’t know how teams are going to defend them this season. They’re my pick to make the Super Bowl from the NFC, yet somehow you can get the best odds by betting on the NFC East.
– Nick Zylak (@NickZylakFFA)

I was going to write about the AFC South but wondered why the NFC East odds were so bad. The Eagles are a legit contender and can be as good as they were the year they won the Super Bowl. If Carson Wentz is healthy, the tools are there with the same stacked defense and a few more offensive playmakers. I don’t trust anyone else in the division to go all the way, even if the Cowboys make the playoffs, but this team has already shown in recent history it has what it takes. Of course, if you agree with this, why not just bet the Eagles to win it?
– Adam Zdroik (@RotoZdroik)

Here are each of our 2019 NFL futures bets:

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