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NFL Futures: Favorite Bets for Team to Win the Most Games (2019)

by July 31, 2019

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We’ll continue our collaborative coverage of NFL Futures this week with a look at our top bets for the team to win the most games in 2019.

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First, let’s check out the odds courtesy of 888Sports:

New England Patriots
Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints
Indianapolis Colts +1000
Philadelphia Eagles +1000
Cleveland Browns +1200
Los Angeles Chargers +1400
Chicago Bears +2000
Pittsburgh Steelers +2000
Minnesota Vikings +2200
Seattle Seahawks +2200
Dallas Cowboys +2500
Green Bay Packers +2500
Atlanta Falcons +3300
Baltimore Ravens +3300
Houston Texans +3300
San Francisco 49ers +3300

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What is your favorite bet for the Team to Win the Most Games in 2019?

Philadelphia Eagles (+1000)
With a strong pass rush and a deep group of offensive weapons, Philadelphia boasts one of the league’s most talented rosters. Of course, their ultimate success will depend on Carson Wentz’s health, but early on in camp, Wentz has been a full participant. And remember that this team is just one season removed from a 13-3 campaign. The kicker here is Philly’s schedule, which includes four high-probability wins (vs. Redskins/Giants) — plus an out-of-conference slate that includes the AFC East.
– Kevin English (@DraftSharks)

Philadelphia boasts one of the strongest rosters in the NFL and they arguably have the most depth compared to any other team as well. But the main reason why I love this pick so much is because of their schedule. The NFC East is one of the weakest divisions in the NFL, meaning they will face off against Washington and the New York Giants four separate times. Those are all games where Philadelphia will be heavily favored. They also face off against the AFC East, which is also one of the worst divisions across the league with the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins all expected to be below .500. 10/1 looks awfully appealing.
– Shane Davies (@sbdavies7)

Another vote here for the Eagles. Many fans are quick to forget the Eagles’ 13-3 record en route to a Super Bowl championship two years ago, namely because of Carson Wentz’s health issues. Now that Nick Foles is not around to lead any miraculous playoff runs, Wentz staying healthy is of the utmost importance. The Eagles roster is loaded with one of the best offensive and defensive lines in the league. Games are won and lost in the trenches, and this is exactly where Philadelphia’s strength lies. The Eagles will get to feast on the AFC East (outside of New England). They may also be facing a Daniel Jones-led Giants team when they play twice in the final four weeks. If the Eagles can manage to go 3-1 against a tough NFC North division, I love their chances of winning the most games in 2019.
– Mike Spector (@MikeSpector01)

Indianapolis Colts (+1000)
Despite being in one of the most competitive divisions in the AFC, all things are pointing toward a big season for the Colts. Led by a world-class quarterback in Andrew Luck and an elite offensive line, the Colts should be able to punish teams through both the air and ground. Quietly, defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus was able to help the Colts allow the fewest points in the NFL over the final 10 weeks of the season last year. With talent added to their defense and players returning from injury, there is no reason why this Colts’ defense can’t be stingy once again. According to Warren Sharp, the Colts also have the ninth easiest strength of schedule for the 2019 season. The Colts are built to win this year, and their team chemistry should be even stronger in their second year under Frank Reich.
– Nic Turner (@sportzbandit)

In 2018, the Colts became the third team since the AFL-NFL merger to make the playoffs after starting 1-5. Defensive coordinator Matt Ebeflus was a wizard with a lunch pail group that finished 11th best in total yards allowed. General Manager Chris Ballard brought in key upgrades that make this team a top Super Bowl contender. He added pass rush extraordinaire Justin Houston, steady wide receiver Devin Funchess, and drafted top defensive players along with Ohio State wide receiver Parris Campbell (4.31 speed). They are as good as any NFL team in the three most important areas: quarterback, offensive line, and defense. Getting +1000 on a team that finished the regular season 9-1 is a fantastic value.
– Mike Randle (@RandleRant)

New Orleans Saints (+900)
The Saints’ chances of possessing the best record in football this year rides heavily on whether or not Michael Thomas decides to hold out for an extended period of time. The likelihood of Thomas missing substantial time away from the field does not seem all too likely at the moment, but that could change on a dime depending on the circumstances. As long as the Saints can come to terms with their top wideout, they have a legitimate shot at having the best record in the NFL. Not since 2016 have the Saints ranked outside of the top-five in terms of points scored per game on offense. Guys like Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara will always give defensive coordinators nightmares. Furthermore, their defense has also been pretty solid the last couple of years which has made them a much more formidable opponent. New Orleans’ window of opportunity to win a Super Bowl is swiftly closing, especially with Drew Brees entering the final years of his illustrious career. It appears to be now or never with this cast of Saints’ players.
– Matthew Catalano (@MatthewCatala16)

At first glance, it seems easy to pick the Patriots to win the most games in the 2019 season because they get a few easy wins twice a year against each of the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills. I can make an argument for all three of those defenses, and maybe the Jets’ offense, but the other two offenses are disasters, which means the Patriots do get a bunch of “easy” wins. Although, they had a lot of turnover this offseason. So, It’s not going to be as easy for them to win as it was last year. Yes, the Patriots’ franchise has been amazing, especially Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, but everything must come to an end, right?! Instead, I see the New Orleans Saints as having the highest probability of winning the most games in 2019 for a few reasons, but mostly because they already did it last season. It was the Saints and the Rams last year that had 13-3 records. Both the Rams and Saints did better than the Patriots (11-5), Chargers (12-4), and Chiefs (12-4). The Saints’ defense should improve, and their offense should at least stay the same or similar. I have the Colts or Saints winning the Super Bowl this season. Possibly playing each other.
– Tal Malachovsky (@fantasyscouter)

New England Patriots (+500)
It’s boring. It’s bland. It’s Brady and Belichick against the second-easiest schedule in the NFL. The Patriots go into every season with at least four wins thanks to the lousy competition they face on an annual basis via the AFC East. New England doesn’t face a playoff team from last season until traveling to Baltimore in Week 9. I’m concerned about the level of talent the Patriots possess on both sides of the ball, but they’ll get to work out the early-season kinks against the Steelers, Dolphins, Jets, Bills, Redskins, and Giants to open the season. A back-loaded schedule that features consecutive matchups with Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City will test this prediction. But in the end, New England’s coaching and quarterback pedigree should be enough to overcome a manageable schedule. Plus, the Pats haven’t lost more than five games in a single season since 2009.
– Matt Barbato (@RealMattBarbato)

Atlanta Falcons (+3300)
We are only 18 months removed from the Falcons winning the NFC with an 11-5 record, having the best offense in football, and then going 10-6 while having MVP caliber performances from Matt Ryan. The offense has the potential to be the best in football and when projecting out who the best team in football is, you should really be thinking about the best offense. In general, skilled offense is going to beat out skilled defense. In digging for season-long wagers in the NFL, I tend to shift toward bigger payouts as a reward for keeping the money locked up over a longer period of time. The Falcons at 33-1 seem like the right combination of probability and reward.
– Davis Mattek (@DavisMattek)

Los Angeles Chargers (+1400)
I took them as my pick to be the last undefeated team in the league, and now I’m going all-in. The Los Angeles Chargers will finish with the best record in the NFL this year. Last year the Chargers were tied with the Chiefs for the best record in the AFC, and this year they have a very favorable schedule that makes them going 12-4 or better for the second straight year not only possible but likely. This is a team that could easily start the season 8-0 before their ninth game, a home contest against Green Bay. I give the Chargers the edge over the Chiefs this season because of their defense. Simply put, it’s better. If Philip Rivers plays like he did last season it’s going to be very hard to slow this team down.
– Philip Wood (@Phil_Wood_Jr)

Here are each of our 2019 NFL futures bets:

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