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NFL Futures: Top Bets for Last Remaining Undefeated Team (2019)

by May 15, 2019

This week, we’re taking a look at odds to be the last remaining undefeated team during the 2019 NFL season. Since 2002, only two teams have remained undefeated the longest and missed the playoffs. Obviously, the strongest teams tend to remain undefeated the longest, but there can certainly be surprises. This year’s favorite, the Patriots, have only been the last undefeated team once in the Bill Belichick era.

Before we see who our writers and experts tout as their top bet for last remaining undefeated team, let’s take a look at the odds courtesy PointsBet:

Team Odds
Patriots +750
Chiefs +900
Chargers +1100
Rams +1100
Eagles +1100
Seahawks +1100
Bears +1200
Cowboys +1200
Saints +1200
Browns +1600
Vikings +1800
Packers +2000
Colts +2000
Ravens +2200
Panthers +2500
49ers +2500

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Who is your top bet to be the last undefeated team during the 2019 NFL season?

Patriots (+750)
After analyzing the schedule, picking every team to win, the remaining teams to go undefeated after Week 4 are the Patriots, Colts, and Bears. If you’re looking for the potential “easy” win, then the Patriots are the pick at +750. Their Week 1 matchup against the Steelers can be challenging, but between the Patriots being at home, Bill Belichick being an evil genius, and Tom Brady showing no signs of letting up, the Patriots should easily beat the confused Steelers without Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. After the first six weeks, the Patriots seem the most likely to stay undefeated. If you want to make a more rewarding bet, I would consider the Colts at +2000, but I’m worried about their Week 5 matchup on the road against the Chiefs. Whereas the Patriots are on the road against the Redskins in Week 5, which should favor the Patriots experienced team versus the inexperienced and discombobulated Redskins squad.
– Tal Malachovsky (@fantasyscouter)

The best bet to be the last team to be undefeated is the New England Patriots. Unfortunately, the oddsmakers in Vegas are wise to this and have set the line accordingly. With that said, +750 is still very attractive for a one unit, or even a partial unit, shot. The Patriots do not have a tough team on their schedule until Week 8. In fact, they have only four 2018 playoff teams on their schedule all year. The Cleveland Browns will be coming to town in Week 8 giving the Patriots what looks like it will be their first real test of the season. In Week 9 they will travel to Baltimore in what is sure to be a tight matchup. They then have a Week 10 bye but have Philadelphia, Houston, and Kansas City scheduled for weeks 11, 12, and 13 respectively. This is a line that is destined to change quickly, so put this one in as soon as possible if a future like this intrigues you.
– Raju Byfield (@FantasyContext)

I’m not going to try to get too cute with this prop. The answer is either the Patriots or Chiefs, and I don’t think it is close. Over the first eight weeks of the season, they only face one team that had a winning record last season and that is the Steelers in Week 1 when the Patriots will be at home. Then following a matchup at Baltimore in Week 9, they get a bye to extend their undefeated streak before finally facing a tough stretch of games in Weeks 11-14 at Philadelphia, Dallas, at Houston, and against Kansas City which has an outside shot at being a battle of undefeated teams. The Chiefs’ road to that point is a little tougher but most of their challenging games in the first half of the season are at home. Put some money on both the Patriots and the Chiefs because it is going to be one of them.
– Brad Richter (@RotoPilot)

Los Angeles Rams (+1100)
The Rams are likely the best team in football. The Chiefs and Patriots both got significantly worse this offseason while the Rams stayed fairly static. The loss of Ndomokung Suh hurts a decent bit, but the core of the Rams offense is still intact. The Chiefs and Patriots lost their more dynamic playmakers on offense while the Rams will actually be getting Cooper Kupp back. At +1100, this seems like the smartest investment.
– Davis Mattek (@DavisMattek)

Green Bay Packers (+2000)
Green Bay missed the playoffs last year, in large part because Aaron Rodgers played with a significant leg injury all season. Perhaps even as important, however, was the fact that their defense just couldn’t stop anyone. Fast forward to this year when the Packers have the most improved defense in the NFL and Rodgers should enter the season with a full bill of health and it has to leave you feeling optimistic. If they can go to Chicago in Week 1 then Dallas in Week 5 and get wins, they should be favorites in the other five weeks leading up to Week 8 at Kansas City, where I could feasibly see them entering 7-0.
– Bobby Sylvester (@bobbyfantasypro)

Los Angeles Chargers (+1100)
Last season, the Chargers were overshadowed by the success of the Chiefs and Pat Mahomes despite finishing with the same record. This season, the Chargers begin with a very favorable schedule with four of their first six games at home and their only two road games against Detroit and Miami, two teams LA is much better than. The Chargers have a chance to take down Tennessee on the road in Week 7 to improve to 7-0 before finally falling in Chicago in Week 8. With how even some of the early season matchups are, I believe a team winning their first five or six games is enough to be the last undefeated team. The Chargers have the easiest route to that mark.
– Philip Wood (@Phil_Wood_Jr)

Kansas City Chiefs (+900)
Andy Reid will add a few more offensive kinks in the offseason and that should lead to a couple early road wins. Even with a somewhat difficult schedule, I’m not sure where the first loss will come, though the trip to Detroit is a perfect trap. As for the Patriots, they may win it all again, but they don’t care about winning games early in the season, and the trip to Miami sets up for an unexpected loss. I’d take the Rams, but I’m not as confident betting on them to win early road games.
– Adam Zdroik (@RotoZdroik)

Philadelphia Eagles (+1100)
I really like the Eagles’ start to the season. There are some potential banana skin type teams but they do not face a really tough team on the road until Week 9. Their road games see them heading to the Redskins, Lions, and Jets, which are all very winnable games. They do have some tough games against the Falcons, Packers, Vikings, and Cowboys, but all of them are at home, where they have a big advantage over the three dome teams at the very least. The NFC East can spring surprises so it would not be stunning if the Eagles lost in Week 1 to the Redskins, but they could also very feasibly be 8-0 when they face Chicago and New England for their ninth and 10th games.
– Ben Rolfe (@benrolfe15)

Dallas Cowboys (+1200)
I struggled to choose a team for this week. I looked at teams that had home games to start out the season, but that didn’t go anywhere. I think ultimately I would opt for the Cowboys. They open against some teams that have question marks against them. Their first three games, in fact, are against the Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins. Weeks 4 and 5 could be potential bumps in the road, with games against the Saints and Packers, but by then this bet could have paid out. If it doesn’t and Dallas gets through those tests the Cowboys would return with matchups against the Jets and Eagles. If the Cowboys can get a bit of momentum behind them with their power running game then there is no reason why they can’t provide value at this price.
– Richard King (@RichKingFF)

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