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NFL Power Rankings: Week 7 (2021)

by October 19, 2021
Kyler Murray

Down goes number one… again! For the fourth time in seven weeks, we’ve got a new number one team atop the power rankings: the undefeated Arizona Cardinals.

The Bills stumbled in Tennessee against the Titans, knocking them down just one spot, but the Browns weren’t so fortunate. Their loss at home against Arizona, coupled with all the injuries they sustained on offense, booted the once AFC hopefuls outside the top 10 and left room for the suddenly dangerous-looking Titans.

As for the tail-end of the power rankings, these are some of the worst teams the NFL has had to offer in years. Two teams who didn’t even play this week, the Falcons and Jets, moved up in the rankings, while the Dolphins and Giants didn’t fall a single spot despite putting embarrassing performances on the field on Sunday. There’s just no place to move them down to. Check out the full Week 7 power rankings below.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 7

Big Movers

Minnesota Vikings
The defense wasn’t good, and it’s another example of the Vikings just not being able to put a full game together. But, they showed how potent they can be on offense when they’re clicking, which makes their inconsistencies that much more frustrating. They’re not a true threat to make the playoffs, but they could be a spoiler to another team’s hopes down the stretch.

Indianapolis Colts
After blowing last week’s game in Baltimore in excruciating fashion, the Colts needed to steamroll someone to get back to feeling better about themselves. Enter the Houston Texans. The Colts aren’t a good team, but they’re more talented than their record shows and in a bad division, they’ve still got something to play for.

Pittsburgh Steelers
At the end of the day, they’re 3-3 so it could be worse. But they’re still nine spots worse than a team with the same record in the same division. The offense is still broken, it took overtime to beat Geno Smith at home, and they blew a 14-point halftime lead… to Geno Smith at home. They’ve got a formidable defense and plenty of weapons, but the two most important spots - quarterback and offensive line - are sorely lacking.

Random Musings

Arizona Cardinals
Your new number one! They played without their coach, their quarterback supposedly had a bum shoulder, and they were playing in a hostile environment in what many called “not ideal conditions” for a team from the desert. Did it look like Arizona cared about any of that? Nope. The team that was picked to finish last in the NFL’s best division is currently leading it and looking like a legitimate threat.

Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals, after being a bad team for so many years, did what a good team is supposed to do to bad teams: beat the daylights out of them. Cincinnati’s offense proved too much to handle for Detroit’s feeble defense, and the Bengals' defense looked good as they have all year. I still think this is a team that’s a couple of years away from being a true contender in the AFC North, but they’re trending in the right direction quickly.

Miami Dolphins
Miami was a hot team in the offseason and one who was picked by many experts to snatch a Wild Card spot and perhaps even challenge Buffalo atop the AFC East. What happened? The defense is a mess, the offense can’t string anything together, and Brian Flores has gone from one of the best young coaches in the league to one who may not have a job in a few months.

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