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NFL Week 7 Weather Report: Advice & Predictions (2022)

by October 21, 2022

Week 6 was another relatively tame week across the NFL, weather-wise. Yet the under bets are still hitting at a 60% clip. It makes you wonder what scoring will look like once fall turns into winter, and the ugly weather arrives.

Until then, let’s take a look at the forecasts across the league for Week 7 weekend, as well as give betting deliverables for any games dealing with adverse conditions.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-13) at Carolina Panthers | Total 39 

Forecast: Sunny, 72 degrees, 0% chance of precipitation
Wind speed: 8-15 MPH

The weather won’t be a factor in Charlotte. Yet points still may be hard to come by for the Panthers, who just traded Christian McCaffrey.

New York Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars (-3) | Total 43

Forecast: Sunny, 77 degrees, 5% chance of precipitation
Wind speed: 10-20 MPH

Other than a couple of wind gusts, the weather looks glorious on the Florida panhandle.

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans (-2.5) | Total 42

Forecast: Sunny, 79 degrees, 5% chance of precipitation
Wind speed: 9-20 MPH

A perfect day for football in Nashville.

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) | Total 45.5

Forecast: 68 degrees, 80% chance of rain
Wind speed: 7-15 MPH

The weather won’t be great at M&T Bank Stadium. But with light winds and not a ton of rain, the weather may not be a huge factor for two teams who prefer to keep the ball on the ground.

Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals (-6.5) | Total 47

Forecast: Sunny, 78 degrees, 4% chance of rain
Wind speed: 8-15 MPH

Another perfect forecast in Cincy.

Green Bay Packers (-4.5) at Washington Commanders | Total 41

Forecast: 67 degrees, 89% chance of rain
Wind speed: 7-10 MPH

Both home games in the state of Maryland will be soggy. But wind holds a bigger impact on betting than rain. With no heavy rain predicted, this crummy weather won’t likely carry a huge impact.

New York Jets at Denver Broncos (-1) | Total 38

Forecast: Cloudy, 67 degrees with temperatures dropping, 55% chance of precipitation
Wind speed: 15-40 MPH

The weather in the Mile High City looks to be a factor, as temperatures could drop by 30 degrees throughout the day. If nothing else, high winds could impact both of these struggling passing games, which means the ball may stay on the ground even more. The under is definitely in play, even at this low number.

Kansas City Chiefs (-2) at San Francisco 49ers | Total 49

Forecast: Sunny, 68 degrees
Wind speed: 8-30 MPH

The winds will be worth monitoring in Santa Clara, as we could see some serious gusts throughout the game. If the sustained winds increase, the under could be in play.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins (-7.5) | Total 45.5

Forecast: 80 degrees, 25% chance of precipitation
Wind speed: 6-10 MPH

The Steelers are probably happy this game’s being played in primetime to avoid the worst of the Miami heat and humidity.

Chicago Bears at New England Patriots (-7.5) | Total 39.5

Forecast: 50 degrees, 87% chance of precipitation
Wind speed: 5-10 MPH

The same rain that hit Maryland Sunday could factor into things Monday night.

Week 7 Weather Play of the Week: Under 38 in Jets-Broncos

This game already screams under based on the matchup alone. But if 40 MPH winds are expected, then this game could easily go under the total. Zach Wilson and Russell Wilson throwing into high winds? Sign me up.

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