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What is a Same Game Parlay?

by January 17, 2022
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Parlays have gained popularity of late, and it is because of the potential that they provide to the bettor to make large sums of money without having to provide the cash up-front that it would take to make the same amount if you were to bet each game individually. With the increase in popularity, and money coming into the sportsbooks, FanDuel rolled out the Same Game Parlay, and other sportsbooks soon followed.

The same game parlay brings the elements of the parlay into one single game. They offer a ton of options within the same game, to allow the bettor to be able to take these options and combine them within one game, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you feel about parlays in general.

An experienced bettor would think that this is a trap because as you look for value in a game, there are usually a few lines that stand out as being likely to hit, but when you dive deeper into it, there is a real opportunity here with the multitude of alternate lines for the game as a whole, as well as for player props.

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What are Alternate Lines?

We will use the recent Chargers-Raiders game to showcase some of the lines available to be adjusted to the liking of the bettor. Here are the normal lines for the game that FanDuel is providing:

Say that you think that the Chargers are the team to back, but the spread is not the number that you want it at. They have options to make sure that you play them exactly as you want them, and the money line is available as well. The same goes for the game’s total, if you are feeling like there will be more or less points than projected by FanDuel, there are options to get alternate lines. These are examples of buying and selling points, which you can learn more about here. Here are the closest spreads and totals to the original available for Same Game Parlays:

This is also true for player props, as there is a set number pre-game for each player in each stat, and while those are all calculated, they provide alternates for the Same Game Parlays exclusively, to allow people to try and predict exactly how they think the game will go. Below, I have attached the original receiving yards for all players and the alternate numbers available for the Chargers top two receivers, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

As you can see, FanDuel allows you to go buy and sell yards, albeit at round numbers, for many of the game’s receivers in the game. This is also available for the games running backs in the form of rushing yards.

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