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BetAmerica Sportsbook Review & Promo Code

by June 7, 2019

BetAmerica has a decade of betting experience in the United States, which may give it an upper hand in the industry. It has been allowing bets on horse racing for more than a decade and has proven to be a reliable platform. Now that BetAmerica is extending its reach into sports betting, you’ll soon be familiar with its great site and excellent sign-up bonus among many other impressive offerings.

PROS: Strong sign-up bonus, easy navigation, quality customer service
CONS: Not allowed to place NBA bets (yet)


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BetAmerica Sportsbook History

BetAmerica started in 2008 exclusively as a horse racing betting site. It is owned by Churchhill Downs Inc., which as you may know, is home to the Kentucky Derby. In the last decade, BetAmerica has built up a reputation as a reliable and safe betting site. In February 2019, it expanded by opening a sportsbook which is affiliated with Golden Nugget Casino in New Jersey. While this is an excellent partnership, it also means that New Jersey won’t allow NBA bets to go through BetAmerica because the Golden Nugget casino owner, Tilman Fertitta, is also the owner of the Houston Rockets. BetAmerica is working on a solution to allow NBA bets for all non-Rockets contests.

Seeing that BetAmerica has both wagering and contests allowed in 26 states for horse racing, it seems probable that it will increase their sports betting offerings as Pennsylvania and other states begin to welcome sportsbooks. It can only be considered an advantage that BetAmerica has built up relationships for over a decade in these states via horse race betting. Don’t be surprised if BetAmerica uses that leg up to become a presence among the sportsbook giants within the next few years.

First Deposit Bonus

BetAmerica is matching some of the top players in the industry with a whopping $500 bonus to new users. When you sign up, BetAmerica will match your deposit up to $500. Unlike some of their competitors, however, BetAmerica doesn’t make you jump through hoops to use the bonus money.

Getting Started

When you are ready to create your account, you’ll first need to give your name, birthday, e-mail and the last four digits of your social security number. You will then be prompted to provide your address before setting a username and password. In order to create your account, you must also confirm that you are at least 21 years old and that no one else will access your account.

BetAmerica Sportsbook Interface

BetAmerica did not offer an iOS app for a while, but it has now been released and looks every bit as sharp as the Android interface.

As you can see, the design looks great and is not too busy. We were unable to locate any bugs despite its relatively new age. Rather, everything seems to work as a user would hope. Additionally, the website has an impressive interface that is easy to navigate.

Similar to the app, you’ll find the live offerings on the homepage and be able to navigate by sport. The ‘bet search’ is an excellent tool that will enable you to jump immediately to a specific bet rather than fiddling around until you are able to locate it. There is also a dropdown at the top right of the screen, right next to the live chat button, that allows you to see the betting odds however you prefer.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

BetAmerica has plenty of options for depositing funds for betting and for quickly withdrawing your winnings.


Bank Transfer: Send money online directly from your bank account into your BetAmerica account.

PayNearMe: Deposit money at participating CVS, 7-11 or Family Dollar stores. 

PayPal: The world’s most popular E-wallet is now available on BetAmerica Sportsbook. It will move funds from your E-wallet into your sportsbook account.

Neteller: Connect your credit or debit card to this E-Wallet in order to deposit instantly to BetAmerica Sportsbook.

Skrill: If you are an international user, this will be your best method, as this E-wallet accommodates 40 different currencies.


Bank Transfer: Quickly connect your BetAmerica Sportsbook account to your bank account using your account and routing numbers.

Cash at Golden Nugget Cage: All you have to do is bring your state-issued ID to the brick and mortar location after requesting cash withdrawal.

Neteller: Receive your funds in this E-wallet one day after you request a withdrawal.

PayNearMe: Get your money within minutes by taking your code to participating CVS, 7-11 or Family Dollar stores. 

PayPal: If you fund your account this way, you can request funds back to your account.

Skrill: If you are an international user, this will be your best method, as this E-wallet accommodates 40 different currencies.

Sports Offered

Fertitta owns both the Houston Rockets and Golden Nuggets, so New Jersey prevents BetAmerica from allowing bets on NBA games for the time being. They are working on changing that, but BetAmerica does offer plenty of other sports to bet on.

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • NHL
  • MLS
  • English Premier League (Soccer)
  • Champions League (Soccer)
  • UFC
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby

Bet Types

BetAmerica has Point Spreads, Moneylines and Over/Unders like any other sportsbook but it also offer Futures, Parlays, Teasers, Props and System bets. Additionally, you’ll find a load of live, in-game bets with updating and competitive lines and props.

Customer Service

BetAmerica has received exceptional reviews for their customer service over the past decade. It seems as though it has made customer service a priority to carry that standard over into the sportsbook. You can quickly reach BetAmerica via live chat from 9 AM to 11 PM ET, via phone at the same times or any time via e-mail at

Frequently Asked Questions

In which states does the BetAmerica Mobile Sportsbook operate?
As of now, New Jersey is the only state where sports bettors can make a wager using the BetAmerica mobile app. With that said, it won’t be long before Pennsylvania and likely other states become options as well.

Is BetAmerica Sportsbook secure?
BetAmerica has abided by New Jersey’s regulated standards for security, which are quite strict. This should come as no surprise since BetAmerica had to obtain a license from the Oregon Racing Commission prior to making its move into sports betting. You can set strong authentication through BetAmerica which further protects your account.

What is my maximum bet amount?
There is no established sportsbook-wide cap on what you can bet. Rather, it depends specifically on the sport, event and bet types.

What measures does BetAmerica Sportsbook put in place to help me manage my gambling?
The responsible gaming and player protection section of the site is as extensive and clear as you’ll find anywhere online. It walks users through the warning signs of problem gambling, tips to stay within safe limits and common myths and the risks of problem gambling. BetAmerica has deposit limits, betting limits and time-based limits that you can set to ensure responsible gambling.

What help does BetAmerica Sportsbook provide for novice bettors?
BetAmerica knocked this section of their site completely out of the ballpark. Whether or not you use BetAmerica, it would be wise to bookmark the ‘How to Bet‘ and ‘Betting Rules‘ portion of their website. It is concise and easy to understand, but leaves absolutely no question unanswered for novice bettors.

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