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Baylor's win over Gonzaga is a big win for sportsbooks

by Mike Spector | Bears Correspondent |
Tue, Apr 6th 7:16am EDT

In terms of NCAA basketball futures bets, most sportsbooks had many more Gonzaga tickets than Baylor tickets to win it all. Therefore, sportsbooks won big in terms of futures bets with Baylor's outright win over Gonzaga last night.

Betting Impact:

At BetMGM for example, Gonzaga was their biggest championship liability as the Bulldogs earned 16.6% of their tickets and 26.7% of their handle. By comparison, Baylor only received a 5.9% ticket percentage and 3.6% of their handle. Nevertheless, BetMGM's three biggest liabilities heading into the tournament (Michigan, Illinois, Gonzaga) all fell short. Other sportsbooks like DraftKings also made out well on the game due to a promotional offer they reaped the benefits from. DraftKings offered bettors +100 odds at Gonzaga +4.5 (max bet of $25). When the Bulldogs lost by 16 points, DraftKings collected all those wagers bettors placed on the Bulldogs getting 4.5 points. Other bets to cash with Baylor's win was a No. 1 seed to win the championship (-200 odds before the tournament) and the Big 12 conference to win the championship (+175 odds before the tournament).

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