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Gonzaga and Michigan remain BetMGM’s two biggest liabilities for futures tickets

by Mike Spector | Bulldogs Correspondent |
Thu, Mar 25th 3:12pm EDT

Per BetMGM, the Gonzaga Bulldogs and Michigan Wolverines remain the sportsbook’s two biggest liabilities in terms of futures tickets, as we head to the Sweet 16.

Betting Impact:

Gonzaga took 15.2% of tickets and 30.5% of the futures handle at BetMGM, while Michigan accounts for 12.7% of their tickets and 14.0% of their handle. No other team remaining accounts for more than 7% of their tickets or handle. Since the preseason, Gonzaga’s national championship odds have lowered from +800 to +150, while Michigan’s have lowered from +4000 to +900.

Game: Futures | Categories: Line Movements, Team Futures | Team: Bulldogs