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49ers are consensus 7.5 point favorites over the Packers

by Mike Spector | Packers Correspondent |
Mon, Jan 13th 8:52pm EST

As soon as the Packers-Seahawks game ended, the initial line was set at 49ers -7 over the Packers. However, the consensus spread is currently 49ers -7.5.

Betting Impact:

For a line to move off a key number this quickly, it likely means there were a large number of San Francisco bettors early. This is not surprising, given how much more dominant the 49ers looked last week. In addition, the 49ers beat down the Packers 37-8 in Week 12. A result like this resonates with bettors, especially since in happened in the latter half of the season.

Game: GB at SF Sun Jan 19th, 6:40pm ET | Categories: Line Movements