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Best Bets for Kyler Murray’s Landing Spot (2019 NFL Draft)

by April 10, 2019

The next major event on the NFL schedule is the NFL Draft. With it will come more opportunities for NFL-related prop bets. We’ll tackle several of these in the weeks leading up to the big event in Nashville, but for now, we’ll focus on a single player. Of course, we’re talking about Kyler Murray.

Most of the NFL-Draft-related buzz — and the NFL buzz in general — surrounds Murray. Are the Cardinals simply driving up the value of the No. 1 overall pick? Or will they trade 2018 first-rounder Josh Rosen and allow their new head coach to get his man? Below are the odds and what our experts believe are the best bets.

Team Odds
Arizona Cardinals -222
New York Giants +823
Miami Dolphins +1573
Jacksonville Jaguars +5000
Oakland Raiders +275
Washington Redskins +2128
Field (Any Other Team) +823

What is the Best Bet for Which Team Will Pick Kyler Murray in the 2019 NFL Draft?

Arizona Cardinals (-222)
“The word is that Washington is closing in on acquiring Josh Rosen which would free Kliff Kingsbury up to take his guy at No. 1. Now, whether or not that specifically happens is still up in the air, but the fact of the matter is that Arizona is exploring options to move on from last year’s first-round pick because they want Murray. While it would make sense for a team to give up on a trade idea if they don’t receive what they are looking for, it seems unlikely when we are talking about a quarterback. I’m expecting them to milk as much as they can out of Washington before a Mid-April trade is completed.”
– Bobby Sylvester (@bobbyfantasypro)

“The worst kept secret in this upcoming draft is Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s affinity for Kyler Murray. This quote from Kingsbury pretty much says it all: “I’ve never seen one better in high school and he’s just starting to show it now at the college level. I don’t have enough good things to say about him. He’s phenomenal. I’ve never seen him have a bad outing, not one. Which at quarterback, that’s impossible to do. But he’s done it.” Arizona’s new head coach then went on to say (granted, this interview took place in October, before he was a head coach and before Murray was a Heisman-trophy winning quarterback) that he would take him with the number one overall pick if he had the chance. Well, now he has the chance. Murray would be an ideal fit in Kingsbury’s uptempo, air-raid style offense while Josh Rosen, their first-round pick from last season, seems to have his days in Arizona numbered.”
– Shane Davies (@sbdavies7)

“The Arizona Cardinals are a stunning value at only -222. The Arizona Cardinals are already taking offers on Josh Rosen, and Kyler Murray at first overall is all but a done deal to some members of the media. I will not go as far as to say that this is free money, as the Oakland Raiders at +275 could make a power offer that could net them the first-overall pick. The odds on this are bound to get less favorable as the NFL Draft draws closer, so be sure to lock this one as soon as possible.”
– Raju Byfield (@FantasyContext)

Oakland Raiders (+275)
“It seems many have connected the dots with the Cardinals selecting Murray, but it could have been them drumming up the cost to acquire the No. 1 pick. I mean, when was the last time a team actually let you know who they were drafting? If the Cardinals had moved Josh Rosen, it’d be a near certainty they’d take him. However, seeing that Rosen is still on the roster, it’s extremely unlikely. If they draft Murray, they lose all leverage to trade away Rosen, who, by all accounts, should not be given up on after one bad season with a terrible coaching staff. Just imagine for a second that the Rams had moved on from Jared Goff after his rookie season with Jeff Fisher. I believe he falls to the Raiders unless someone else trades up.”
– Mike Tagliere (@MikeTagliereNFL)

“For many reasons, It seems obvious that the Cardinals would draft Kyler Murray with their first-overall draft pick. BUT, I don’t know how they can give up on Josh Rosen after a rookie season where he started off behind Sam Bradford, had to work through awful play-calling, and it just seemed to be an overall strangely terrible year for the Cardinals on all fronts. That’s how they got the first pick, right!? Yes, Kliff Kingsbury wants Kyler Murray on his team, but they will get offers they can’t refuse in the days before the draft. They will get an offer for their first pick or Josh Rosen. There is no doubt that one or the other is happening. I suspect that the Cardinals trade down to get more value for their first-round pick, as they don’t need a quarterback. They have a leader already in Josh Rosen. Seeing as the Oakland Raiders have three first-round picks, and Derek Carr isn’t cutting the mustard, they seem to be the most likely candidate to make an offer substantial enough to sway the Cardinals to trade their first-overall draft pick. The Raiders have all the reasons to make the Cardinals an enticing offer. They have Coach Gruden, who undoubtedly wants to get Murray on his squad for Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams, and they move to Vegas next season. If I were in their position, I would throw everything I had, including the kitchen sink, to get a new potential future leader of my franchise. Murray would be in his sophomore season when they move to Vegas, which reminds me of Jared Goff’s situation, from a scrub with Jeff Fisher in St. Louis to a winner with Sean McVay in Los Angeles, and a super bowl runner-up. So, no matter what he does or doesn’t do in his first season in Oakland, Raider fans, The Las Vegas Raiders will welcome Kyler Murray with open arms.”
– Tal Malachovsky (@fantasyscouter)