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NFL Betting Strategy: How 2-Game Teasers Work

by August 22, 2021

As they become more familiar, most casual bettors become enamored with teasers after finding out it’s possible to manipulate the line by 6-points or more.

Equally enamored with taking favorites, these individuals then tell their buddies they’re teasing the 10-point favorite New England Patriots down to -4 because it’s a “lock,” and there’s “mad value.”

You know, the type of guy who has a Wolf of Wall Street profile picture but has no idea what he’s doing – please, don’t be that guy.

The problem with teasing down to -4 is that you would need the team to win by five or more. 5-point wins only happen around 3% of the time in the NFL. Not ideal.

They cease to understand these larger lines are often inflated as the book must balance the one-sided action coming in on heavy favorites or public teams. Hence, you’re not getting the best of the number in any scenario.

Teasers are exactly what they sound like – a tease. But if utilized correctly, they are advantageous to bettors of any scale. I’ll explain below.

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2-Game Teaser

A two-game teaser is a set of two straight bets combined into one. Each line shifts in favor of the bettor by six points.

The most popular two-game teaser is typically referred to as a “Wong Teaser.” This concept was made popular by professional gambler and author Stanford Wong – his pseudonym.

The basic premise of a Wong teaser is to tease the spread through the two key spread numbers of three and seven.

Why is this? Well, because the most common margins of victory in the NFL are three and seven. 3-point wins happening around 14.5% of the time, and 7-point win margins coming in around 9.2%.

Favorites between 7.5 and 8.5 get teased down, and underdogs between 1.5 and 2.5 get teased up.

Typically, you can get these teasers for (-110) odds. To break even, you need to win your teaser bet 52.4% of the time.

To accomplish this, you need to win the individual games comprising the teaser approximately 72.5% of the time.

With games being decided by three and seven more than 23% of the time, teasing through these two numbers increases the chances of covering a spread from about 50% to 72%.

You can bet how you want, but if you’ve been debating taking up teasers this upcoming NFL season, I strongly recommend starting with two-game Wong teasers.

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