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What is a Pleaser Bet?

by January 4, 2022

One of the most common methods of sports betting – particularly in football – is teaser betting. We cover exactly what a teaser bet is here. To quickly sum up a teaser bet, the point spread of two or more events is shifted in your favor. For example, if the Packers are -8.5 and the Colts are +1.5, then a six-point teaser would bring the Packers down to -2.5 and the Colts up to +7.5. Both the Packers and the Colts would have to cover those new spreads (-2.5 and +7.5) for you to win the wager. The juice you have to pay for teasers is broken down below:

  • 6-point teaser: (-120)
  • 6.5-point teaser: (-130)
  • 7-point teaser: (-140)

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Following the example above, teaser bets are very popular as some people feel much more comfortable betting both the Packers down under a touchdown and the Colts getting more than a touchdown rather than betting their original spreads.

Now, a pleaser bet is the exact opposite of a teaser bet. If risk-averse people enjoy teasers, then risk-tolerant people would enjoy pleaser bets. Teaser bets shift the line in your favor, while pleaser bets shift the line in the book’s favor.

Following the same example, if the Packers are -8.5 and the Colts are +1.5, then a six-point pleaser would shift the Packers to -14.5 and the Colts to -4.5. Similar to teaser betting, the pleaser bet must have both teams covering each number for the wager to be successful.

You may be asking yourself why anyone would take those numbers, and the answer lies in shifted odds. As shown above, you have to lay juice on teaser bets. Pleaser bets, on the other hand, give large payouts if they hit. The odds are broken down below:

  • 6-point pleaser: (+600)
  • 6.5-point pleaser: (+700)
  • 7-point pleaser: (+800)

Risk-tolerant betters like pleaser bets because they can get a large return on their wager, as a $100 bet on Packers -14.5 and Colts -5.5 would net $600 if both teams cover those new numbers.

You do not only have to bet on two teams either, as pleaser bets can include as many as six different spreads. The odds are obviously much larger in these situations, as six-point pleaser bets with a variable amount of teams are highlighted below:

  • Two teams: (+600)
  • Three teams: (+1700)
  • Four teams: (+4500)
  • Five teams: (+12000)
  • Six teams: (+30000)

Here is an example of what a six-team six-point pleaser bet would look like (original spreads are left of the arrow):

  • Packers -8.5 → Packers -14.5
  • Colts +1.5 → Colts -4.5
  • Patriots +10.5 → Patriots +4.5
  • Ravens -2.5 → Ravens -8.5
  • Bears +14.5 → Bears +8.5
  • Chiefs -13.5 → Chiefs -19.5

If all six of those teams cover their new spread (which is on the right of the arrows above), then a $100 bet would net $30,000. These bets certainly adhere to those who enjoy a large amount of risk and are a lot less popular than teaser bets.

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