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Wrestlemania 38 Betting Preview: Top Picks & Odds (2022)

by April 1, 2022
Roman Reigns

WrestleMania 38 has arrived, and it’s slated to be one of the biggest events in WWE history. In fact, WWE has billed it as “The Most Stupendous Two-Night Event in WrestleMania History.” While the company’s hyperbole is always rather funny, they better deliver. WrestleMania 38 will take place at AT&T Stadium in Dallas Saturday and Sunday night.

The main event will take place Sunday night, when WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and Universal Champion Roman Reigns close out the weekend in a winner take all title match. But there are plenty of other intriguing showdowns taking place in Dallas to discuss. Here’s my betting preview for WrestleMania 38.

Please note, these betting previews are predictions, not spoilers.

WrestleMania 38 Betting Previews 

Drew McIntyre (-1000) vs. Happy Corbin (+500) 

McIntyre and Corbin have been feuding for several months. This admittedly isn’t a storyline I’ve been interested in, as McIntyre deserves more prominent placement. The WWE is trying to give Corbin some validity, as he hasn’t lost since reframing his character. He’ll also have his nefarious sidekick Madcap Moss in his corner. But this match has squash written all over it. This is a bathroom break or drink refill match if I’ve ever seen one, as McIntyre is by far the better wrestler and should be on a title trajectory after this match.

If you want to lay $1,000 to win $100, be my guest. McIntyre is the pick, but these odds are way too steep.

The pick: McIntyre -1000 if you can stomach it

Rey & Dominick Mysterio (-130) vs. The Miz and Logan Paul (-110) 

One of the shortest lines of the entire WrestleMania card also involves a celebrity cameo. YouTuber Logan Paul will team up with The Miz to face eventual Hall-of-Famer Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick.

The Miz was involved in a celebrity cameo match at last year’s WrestleMania, when he and former tag team partner John Morrison lost to Damian Priest and rapper Bad Bunny. Paul will have a tough act to follow here, as Bad Bunny put on arguably the best performance from a celebrity in a wrestling match.

The buildup to this match has been decent, and Miz and Paul make up a solid heel duo. But this feels like it will be a showcase for Dominick Mysterio, who needs a boost after a lackluster debut thus far. Unless Logan Paul is parlaying this appearance into a pro wrestling career, it feels like Dominick will be the guy WWE puts over.

I’d lay the short price with the Mysterios to prevail.

The pick: Rey and Dominick Mysterio -130

Seth Rollins (+275) vs. Mystery Opponent (-450)

Only in WWE can you have a competitor nobody knows yet being listed as a massive favorite. This has been an intriguing storyline, as Rollins has been fighting for a spot on the WrestleMania card. After a meeting with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Rollins found out he will be facing an opponent that will be determined by McMahon that night.

So, who could that opponent be? Heck, there should be betting odds for that. The most likely candidate is Cody Rhodes, a former WWE employee who found his footing in All Elite Wrestling, WWE’s primary competitor. However, rumors are swirling that Rhodes could back out of a possible Mania appearance. 

This is a weird one to bet on, and I may ultimately stay off. But getting a wrestler as good as Rollins at this price in a story that feels very tenuous and could change at the last minute is a solid value.

The pick: Rollins +275 or nothing

RK-Bro (-150) vs. The Street Profits (+150) vs. The Alpha Academy (+400) 

This is going to be one of my most anticipated matches of WrestleMania weekend, as these three teams will compete for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

The current champions, RK-Bro, features the unlikely duo of Riddle and Randy Orton. Despite having polar opposite personalities, these two have incredible chemistry in the ring and are one of the best things WWE has going.

However, the real show stoppers could be The Street Profits. If you haven’t watched Montez Ford before, make sure you tune in Sunday. Ford can steal a show with his athleticism, and his finishing move “From the Heavens,” is one of the most impressive in the company.

The Alpha Academy is also a testament to WWE’s ability to pair unlikely performers together. Chad Gable and Otis have a wonderful brain and brawn dynamic, and it really works well. While I don’t see them winning this match, I hope they remain a staple in the tag team branch.

This should be a tremendous match filled with diverse skill sets. But I’m going to take the underdog Street Profits. One of Randy Orton’s trademarks is his devious character, he’s nicknamed The Viper for a reason. I have a feeling The Profits will win, and Orton will turn on the beloved Riddle, who could emerge as one of the company’s big stars this year.

The pick: The Street Profits (+150)

Bianca Belair (-500) vs. Becky Lynch (+300) 

The Raw Women’s Championship match is awfully lopsided, and rightfully so. This feels like the moment Bianca Belair gets revenge on the champion Lynch.

Lynch “won” the belt off of Belair last August at Summerslam when she unexpectedly returned to action after having her first child. She famously pinned Belair in seconds and hasn’t relinquished the title since, or even come close.

Belair seemed posed to be one of the company’s top women after her meteoric rise in 2020. I think she gets back on track as the face of the women’s division.

The pick: Belair -500

Ronda Rousey (-800) vs. Charlotte Flair (+425)

The Smackdown Women’s title match is even more lopsided, as the former MMA champion Rousey will look to strip the belt off Flair. Rousey returned to WWE in January, winning the Royal Rumble. While she’s not the most impressive in-ring performer, she is someone WWE has hitched their wagons to in the past.

The whole storyline behind this match has been Rousey and Flair insisting they will make the other tap out. I’d expect this match to be won by submission by either party. But Flair seems to come at a great value here.

The main reason why I’d back Flair is I’m not convinced Rousey will be here to stay in WWE. Maybe I’m dead wrong, but I’d take the value with Flair, who WWE is always happy to slap the title belt on. And since I expect Belair to beat Lynch, I find it hard to believe we’ll see both women’s titles change hands.

The pick: Flair +425

Pat McAfee (-170) vs. Austin Theory (+130) 

This is the second of three celebrity matches taking place at WrestleMania. McAfee is a former NFL punter who is now a commentator for WWE. Theory has been presented as Vince McMahon’s protege and is developing nicely into a heel character.

I’m a bit surprised to see McAfee as the favorite. Maybe it’s hard to envision him taking the pin. But a loss to McAfee would really hurt Theory’s buildup. Maybe Theory has nothing to gain from beating McAfee, someone he should beat. But McAfee winning would do nothing besides please the crowd.

The pick: Theory +130

Edge (+150) vs. AJ Styles (-200) 

This has potential to be one of the best matches of the weekend. Edge is a legendary performer who’s already in the WWE Hall of Fame. And Styles is one of the top in-ring performers in the company, and he deserves a push.

This has been one of the few really good storylines WWE has developed entering Mania. I expect Styles to score a big victory as he rebuilds his reputation as a singles performer.

The pick: Styles -200

Roman Reigns (-350) vs. Brock Lesnar (+225) 

The main event of the weekend will be a showdown of titans. WWE is labeling it as “The Biggest Match in WrestleMania History.” It certainly better deliver on that promise.

The Reigns and Lesnar rivalry has been fantastic to this point. But Brock Lesnar is rarely a mainstay in WWE, while Reigns is the face of the entire franchise. Maybe this marks an opportunity for Reigns to take a break after he held the Universal title belt for almost 600 days and carried the company through the back-end of the pandemic. But it feels more likely that Reigns’ reign will continue.

The pick: Reigns -350

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