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2020 NFL Draft Prop Bets: First Quarterback To Be Selected

by March 27, 2020

The general assumptions is that Joe Burrow is going to be the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. By all accounts, it’s a foregone conclusion. However, we know that in the NFL Draft, there are always surprises. With the price tag on Burrow at a whopping -10000, is it worth a shot on anyone else to pull a surprise? It almost doesn’t make sense to bet on Burrow – even though he seems like a lock. Here are all of our 2020 NFL Draft Prop Bets.

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Joe Burrow

Odds At 888Sport: -10000

The first quarterback to be taken in the 2020 NFL Draft is obvious: it will be Joe Burrow, who will go to the Cincinnati Bengals. Don’t overthink this. Even if you are skeptical, you shouldn’t be. Remember that while Burrow won the Heisman Trophy and the national championship for LSU, he transferred to LSU from Ohio State. He is a popular and beloved figure in the state of Ohio and he’s publicly said he’s fine with playing for the Bengals. If they passed on him, they would receive massive criticism and blowback from their own fan base and their own ticket-buying customers. Their season-ticket holders would not be happy.

Second-year coach Zac Taylor, who coached Jared Goff with the Los Angeles Rams as a position coach, wants his new quarterback to teach from the ground up. The team has moved on from Andy Dalton and Taylor needs Burrow and will relish the chance to coach him.

Is there a possibility that they trade down to get more assets? To me, this is possible but even in this case, the team that will be trading up will take Burrow, so that still means he cashes for this prop.

Tua Tagovailoa

Odds At 888Sport: +800

The real fun of the 2020 NFL Draft begins after Burrow. Will Tua Tagovailoa go to the Miami Dolphins at pick No. 5? Will the Dolphins trust Tua’s athleticism and his ability to fully heal from injury? They might… but there is no guarantee here. The NFL Draft – recently and over a longer period of time – is notable for instances in which teams were scared of picking a player early in the draft because they were worried about his injury history and didn’t think the player would be durable for the long run. The team might have been convinced that the player had great talent, but health concerns prevented the team from pulling the trigger on that player, who fell dozens of spots and had a painfully long wait on television, in front of the cameras. Will Tua be the focus of that kind of big fall on draft day, or will a team trust that he can physically hold up in the NFL? It might be the most important question in the whole draft. The Dolphins seem to love Tua, but will they get cold feet at the last minute?

Justin Herbert

Odds At 888Sport: +1600

The Herbert draft profile is a mystery. Herbert won a lot of games for Oregon last year, but he spent a good portion of the 2019 season throwing screen passes to backs and receivers who did a great job of running after the catch. Herbert’s arm strength and overall ability to stretch the field are impressive but is he a guy that just measures well? Herbert did not dominate the way Burrow did for LSU last year or in which Tua dominated college football in 2018 with Alabama. Herbert didn’t play well against good defenses either as he was just 14-of-20 for 138 yards, no touchdowns and a pick against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. He was also just 14-of-26 with 193 yards and one touchdown in the Pac-12 Championship Game. Most of the damage he did was against bad teams.

Herbert’s not in the running to be the top pick and neither is Tua. It’ll be Burrow, which is why his price is at -10000.

Here are all of our 2020 NFL Draft Prop Bets.

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