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How to Make a 3-Way Bet at a Sportsbook

by April 19, 2020
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“The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” is a famous saying in the sports world. This means most sporting events culminate with a winning team and a losing team. Thus, a sports bettor looking to make a moneyline wager on such an event simply needs to choose one side or the other.

But what about a sport like soccer that can end in a “draw” or tie? These sports are more difficult to handicap since there are more possible outcomes.

In this article, we discuss examples of “3-way bets” and how to make such bets at a sportsbook.

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What is a 3-Way Bet?

A 3-way bet is a bet on an event that has three possible outcomes: Team A wins, Team B wins, or a draw. The odds on a 3-way bet will always be higher than odds on a similar two-way bet considering there is an additional outcome. Therefore, when one places a 3-way bet there is only one way to win and two ways to lose.

What are Examples of a 3-Way Bet?

The following is an example of a Belarus soccer match from FanDuel Sportsbook:

In this example, Energetik (the home team) is the favorite at odds of -135. A tie or draw between the clubs would pay +240, while the underdog Gorodeya would pay +360 if they won. Thus, if the match ended 2-2 the “tie” at +240 would be the only winning part of the 3-way bet.

When it comes to soccer betting rules, take a look at this excerpt from FanDuel’s Specific Sports Rules:

Unless otherwise stated, all bets on soccer markets apply to 90 minutes of play according to the match officials, plus any added injury or stoppage time. However, extra-time and penalty shoot-outs are not included.

Some soccer matches as part of tournaments (like the World Cup) cannot end in a tie since one team needs to advance. These matches are settled in extra time sessions or with penalty kicks. However, for the sake of a 3-way bet, the result is determined by the score at the end of the 90 minutes of play and stoppage time.

Does Hockey have 3-way betting?

Yes. Since 2005-06, the NHL has implemented a shootout round to determine winners of regular-season games if teams are tied after an overtime period. However, while there is always a winner determined in a hockey game, sportsbooks still offer 3-way lines for the NHL. Much like soccer uses the 90 minute and stoppage time score to determine their 3-way payouts, the NHL will use the score at the end of the third period to determine the outcome of their 3-way bets.

3-way lines for hockey make take a little more digging to find. Since this is considered more of a “prop” and differs from a traditional moneyline bet, look under the “more wagers” or “game props” headings to find 3-way NHL lines.

Where Else Can I Find 3-way Lines?

Occasionally, 3-way lines can be found in certain prop bets. Here are a couple of examples across various sports:

Golf: Who will score lower on the next hole? (Player A, Player B, tie)

Tennis: How many games will be played in the first set? (8 or less, 9 or 10, 11 or more)

How Do I Make a 3-way Bet?

3-way bets in soccer are usually the first odds on soccer matches to appear on a mobile device. However, if your 3-way wager is more of a prop bet, check under the “more wagers” or “game props” headings.

In-person at a sportsbook, be sure to articulate your bet clearly to the cashier. Your cashier will always show you your bet with its odds before you have to hand money over. Therefore, have no fear because you can always re-clarify the bet you are trying to make to your cashier if you make a mistake the first time.

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