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How to Make a Double Chance Bet at a Sportsbook

by April 18, 2020
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In the world of sports betting, traditional wagering options like spreadsmoneylines or totals wagers are available for almost every sport. However, occasionally a sports bettor will come across a wager that is unique to a single sport.

One such example is a “double chance” bet. Double chance bets are very specific and tend to be available solely for soccer. However, there are some sportsbooks that will offer them for hockey as well.

In this article, we take a look at what a double chance bet is and how to make such a bet at a sportsbook.

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What is a Double Chance Bet?

Double chance bets are only available on sports that can result in three potential outcomes: Team A wins, Team B wins or there is a “draw.” In a double chance bet, one would be wagering on two of these outcomes at the same time in one single bet. Thus, a bettor would have two chances to win their bet but only one scenario where they could lose.

What are Examples of a Double Chance Bet?

Here is an example of a double chance bet from a Nicaraguan soccer match between Real Madriz and Chinandega FC:

(odds courtesy of FanDuel)

Real Madriz and Draw -550
Real Madriz and Chinandega FC -410
Chinandega FC and Draw +105

In the first scenario labeled “Real Madriz and Draw,” a bettor would win this bet if either Real Madriz won outright or the match ended in a draw. Thus, the only way this bet would lose is if Chinandega FC won the match.

In the second scenario labeled “Real Madriz and Chinandega FC,” this bet would cash if either side won. This means the only way this option could lose is if the match ended in a draw.

Lastly, the scenario labeled “Chinandega FC and Draw” would cash if either Chinandega FC won outright or the match ended in a draw. The reason this bet has plus odds is because Real Madriz is a heavy favorite to win the match. However, if bettors did not think Real Madriz would win then this would be the safest way to bet that theory.

One thing to be aware of with soccer betting is in tournament play or World Cup events, matches would always be decided with a winner with extra time periods or penalty kicks. However, even in these situations, double chance bets would still be offered. Unless otherwise noted, all bets on soccer matches apply to 90 minutes of play according to the match officials, plus any added injury or stoppage time. Thus, if won wagered on a team to win but they won in penalty kicks, the “draw” would be the winning bet and not the team that eventually went on to win the match.

How Does a Double Chance Bet apply to Hockey?

NHL games will always result in one team winning now that the league has implemented its shootout rules. However, just like soccer uses their lines relative to the 90 minutes of play, hockey lines are based on the score at the end of the third period.

A double chance wager in hockey may look something like this:

Boston Bruins and Draw -500
Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks -300
Chicago Blackhawks and Draw +110

Thus, if the final score at the end of the third period was 3-3, both the “Boston Bruins and Draw” and “Chicago Blackhawks and Draw” wagers would be winners.

How Do I Make a Double Chance Bet?

On a mobile device or app, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your sportsbook account
  2. Find the league and game you wish to bet on
  3. Look for a heading that says “Game Props” or “More Wagers”
  4. Look for a heading that says “Double Chance”
  5. Click on which of the three options you think is correct
  6. Type in the amount of your wager
  7. Review the odds, and click “place bet”

Placing a double chance bet in person at a sportsbook is just as easy. After approaching the cashier, say “I would like to place a double chance wager.” Once you tell the cashier the game you are looking to bet on, they will know exactly the prompts to follow to take you to those odds. He or she will show you the available options on their screen. Tell the cashier the option you would like to wager on. Just like on a mobile device, review the odds to make sure they are agreeable. The last step is handing the amount you want to wager in cash over to the cashier and hope for the best.

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