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How to Make a “Race to xx” Bet at a Sportsbook

by April 14, 2020
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Suppose you have been following a team for a while and have picked up on a certain trend of theirs. What if they are a team that tends to start fast, frequently jumping out to early leads? Or, what if they are typically slow starters that fall behind early and often?

Instead of wagering on full-game spreads for a team like this, a “Race to xx” bet would make more sense and could be very profitable.

In this article, we explain what a “Race to xx” bet is and how to make such a bet at a sportsbook.

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What is a “Race to xx” Bet?

A “Race to xx” bet is a wager on which team will reach a certain amount of points first. If neither team reaches that given number of points before the game ends, the bet is void.

What are Examples of a “Race to xx” Bet?

Basketball is a very popular sport for “Race to xx” betting. Here is a hypothetical example:

Race to 40 points

Los Angeles Lakers -350

Dallas Mavericks +220

In this example, one would be wagering if the Lakers or Mavericks would be the first team to score 40 points in the game. If the Lakers were winning 40-36, bettors who wagered that the Lakers would win the “Race to 40” would win.

Often times the odds attached to these bets closely reflect the original pre-game moneyline odds. Thus, one can argue there is value in some underdogs with these bets since they only need to score a certain amount of points first, not win the game or cover a spread.

Football is another sport that is popular for “Race to points” betting. Here is another example:

Race to 10 points

Philadelphia Eagles -270

Washington Redskins +190

The same rules apply as our basketball example. Bettors would be wagering on the Eagles or Redskins to get to ten points first. It does not matter if the team lands exactly on ten points. For example, what if Philadelphia and Washington were tied 7-7 and the Redskins scored a touchdown to make it 13-7? Since the Redskins still reached at least ten points first, they would be the winning side of the bet.

While most sportsbooks offer the “Race to xx” prop for football and basketball, not all offer it for baseball or hockey. Be sure to check its availability for various events at your sportsbook.

How Do I Make a “Race to xx” Bet?

On a mobile device, identify the sport and game you wish to wager on. Check on the “Race to xx” prop’s availability by clicking on “More Wagers” or “Game Props” for your particular game. If the prop is available, there will be a heading that reads “Race to xx” points or something similar. Take note that in some sportsbooks, the teams will be listed as “Home” or “Away” instead of their actual team names. Thus, it is important to know who the home and away teams are before making your wager. Once you have decided on which team will score the determined amount of points first, click on that team and determine your wager amount. Check that the odds are agreeable, and confirm your bet.

In person at a sportsbook, approach the cashier and tell them you wish to make a “Race to Points” bet. If that particular sportsbook has that prop available, the cashier will review the odds on the game you are interested in with you. Decide the side you wish to bet on, and determine your wager amount. If the odds are agreeable, hand your money over to the cashier. Stow your betting slip away in a safe space, and hope for the best!

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