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What is a Round Robin Bet?

by December 29, 2021
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A round robin bet could be confusing at first, but once you understand it, it is a great way to make money, if the bets within it are good. To understand this, we must first understand what the phrase “round robin” means. Merriam-Webster defines round-robin as “a tournament in which every contestant meets every other contestant in turn.” While this definition doesn’t exactly translate to the bet, what we get from it is every play is grouped together. As a result, this is a bet that is for parlay enthusiasts. It is actually safer in terms of odds but requires a bit more financial risk.

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How do Round Robin Bets Work?

So how do they work?

We will use the five NBA games to provide a visual representation of how round robins work. Here are plays picked at random from each game on Caesers Sportsbook, to show that it works for money line bets, spread bets, and total bets altogether.

From here, there are options. No matter how many lines you choose to play, there will be options to play up to one less than the number of plays chosen for, as seen below.

Compare this to if you just placed one parlay on all five plays (pictured below), it is less risk, but the reward is greater for a round robin.

Each “option” is a parlay that allows you to still group together the same games. To show you an example of what the 10x means next to these, here is what the five-team, four-pick round robin “parlays” would consist of.

Parlay 1 GS +5.5 Jazz -12 BOS +130 Nets -115
Parlay 2 GS +5.5 ATL/NY u211 Jazz -12 Nets -115
Parlay 3 GS +5.5 ATL/NY u211 BOS +130 Jazz -12
Parlay 4 GS +5.5 ATL/NY u211 BOS +130 Nets -115
Parlay 5 Jazz -12 ATL/NY u211 BOS +130 Nets -115

The benefit of doing this is you are protected from a loss if one game doesn’t go as planned, as you still cash four parlays, and make a large profit on your initial investment.

Are Round Robin Bets worth it?

Each bet type will fit everyone’s style differently, but round robins fit between the styles of straight bet players and parlay players. They can get expensive, as you can see up top. To play all options, it is 31 different parlays, and while there are protections within, I think this is a more advanced bet for a sharp, or someone who puts time into research and planning their money rather than for the casual bettor. With that being said, every bet type is worth a try! Sports betting is one of those things that people get into routines with, and while the round robin is relatively complicated in the sports betting landscape, the combination of upside and security provides some flare for those who are not used to taking risks.

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