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How to Cash Out Online at a Sportsbook

by April 28, 2020
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Whether you’re new to sports betting or a betting pro, our Sports Betting Strategy and Advice page is for you. You can get started with our 101 section — including How to Choose a Sportsbook — or head to more advanced strategy — like Which Sports Are Most Profitable to Bet? — to learn more.

The sports betting industry is booming as more and more states make it legal. Some of the most convenient and popular ways to make sports bets are online or via a mobile device. Here at BettingPros, we already covered how to make a bet online at a sportsbook. Now, what do you do if you win your bets?

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How to Cash Out an Online Bet?

Unlike at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook where you need to have your betting slip handy to redeem your winnings, funds from a winning online bet automatically appear in your account. Bettors can choose to reinvest this money on other bets or can cash that money out. If you are unsure of how to cash your money out from your sportsbook, check in their rules guide under “withdrawals.”

Here is an example of steps that FanDuel Sportsbook provides its customers for processing withdrawals:

What are the Payment Options for Withdrawals?

At FanDuel, the following withdrawal options are available, along with their estimated processing time:

Here are the withdrawal options at DraftKings Sportsbook:

What about Withdrawing Promotional Bonuses?

Often times, when you create a new account at a sportsbook you are treated to a wide array of bonuses right off the bat. However, those bonuses are not able to be withdrawn unless they are wagered with first.

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