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NFL Week 2 Odds, Picks & Predictions: Cardinals vs. Raiders (2022)

by September 16, 2022
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Here is our preview and best bet for the 2022 NFL Week 2 game between the Cardinals vs. Raiders.

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NFL Week 2 Odds, Picks & Predictions: Cardinals vs. Raiders

Arizona travels to Las Vegas after both teams put up performances they’d like to forget in Week 1. The Cardinals’ defense was overmatched by the dynamic Chiefs’ offense. The Raiders will look to try and match that performance, but questions still linger about their ability to run the ball, managing just 64 yards on the ground in the opener. Derek Carr will need to be better as well, as when he wasn’t finding new WR Davante Adams, he was throwing the ball to the Chargers’ defense. If the Cardinals can generate some pressure, it could be another long day for Carr.

Kyler Murray will need to make some plays on a Raiders pass defense that was not very impressive in Week 1 after a poor 2021. The Las Vegas defense has a knack for allowing teams to stay in games, and Murray is capable of taking advantage of that.

Picks: Cardinals +5.5 | u51.5

What is Betting Against the Spread?

Betting “against the spread” refers to the act of choosing the winning team based on a numeric handicap placed on the team that oddsmakers believe is superior, rather than picking the outright winner. For example, if the Rams face the Bengals, and oddsmakers set the spread at Rams -3.5, you would need Los Angeles to win by 4 or more points in order to cash your Rams bet.

What is an Over/Under Bet?

Over/Under is a wager based on how many points you think will be scored in a specific game. Oddsmakers set the total, and bettors decide whether the final score will be higher or lower than that number. If an Over/Under is set at 44.5 points and you bet Over, you will need the combined score of both teams to be 45 points or higher to win your bet.

What is a Moneyline Bet?

A moneyline bet involves choosing which team you believe will win a specific matchup. The moneyline favorite carries a minus designation, like -130. This means that you need to wager $130 to earn a $100 profit. Conversely, the underdog carries a plus designation, like +110. This means that you win $110 in profit on a $100 bet.

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